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Accustar Labs Radon Testing Kits

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AccuStar Labs has been providing professional radon laboratory services since 1984. AccuStar radon test kits are accurate and easy to use products that deliver reliable and actionable results about radon levels in your home. These radon testing kits are available for long-term and short-term testing. Long-term kits are ideal for averaging the radon levels in your home through seasonal weather changes and living conditions. Short-term kits are great for initial testing, check-up testing on your existing radon mitigation system, and  testing required during real estate transactions. Each kit, along with AccuStar laboratories, is certified by the National Environmental Health Association and the National Radon Safety Board. 

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Assess your family's exposure to radon throughout the seasons, so you can take action to reduce high exposure with the AccuStar Alpha Track Test Kit. This long-term radon test kit assesses your home's exposure to radon over 3 months or 1 year. It includes easy-to-follow instructions and a postage paid envelope for mailing your device to a lab for results. Rated #1 by a leading consumer advocacy group!

Screen your home for unhealthy radon levels with the AccuStar PicoCan 400 Charcoal Canister Test Kit. This short-term radon test kit uses activated charcoal canisters to adsorb radon particulates in your home and accurately assess an average concentration level. It's ideal for initial screenings, check-up screenings to test your radon mitigation system, and radon testing for real estate transactions. 

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