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Airpura R600 Air Purifier

Price: $649.98 - $699.98
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  • Product Overview

    Are you looking for an air purifier that can help relieve your allergy, asthma, and/or MCS symptoms with ease – and do it with as little impact to the environment as possible? Now, you can look no further than the Airpura R600 Air Purifier. Manufactured by Canada-based Airpura Industries, the Airpura R600 is a marvel of green design, strategically developed to filter out harmful impurities from your air while leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible. This unit not only protects you by purifying the air you breathe; it protects our planet, too.

    Four Stages of Filtration

    The R600 all-purpose air cleaner is the perfect air-purifying solution for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). Using powerful multi-stage filtration, this Airpura air purifier treats spaces as large as 2,000 sq. ft. It will remove:

    • Particles – Including pet dander, dust, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and asbestos.
    • Airborne Chemicals – Including formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, radon, glues, pesticides, methylene chloride, mold mycotoxins, and perchloroethylene.
    • Smoke – Including tobacco smoke and smoke odors.

    To ensure top-notch cleanliness, air that flows into the R600 passes through four different filtration stages before it is released as clean, purified air. These stages include:

    • Pre-Filtration – The unit's 570-sq.-in. pre-filter removes large particles and helps to extend the life of the HEPA and carbon filters. This filter should be changed every 12 months.
    • Carbon Filtration – The unit uses 18 lbs. of activated carbon to collect and absorb a variety of chemical pollutants, odors, and tobacco smoke from the air. This filter typically lasts up to 2 years, depending on usage.
    • Micro-Suppress Filtration – These two filters, located on each side of the carbon bed, help to kill viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that may collect on them.
    • HEPA Filtration
      • The R600 is also equipped with 40 sq. ft. of True HEPA filter material. This filter removes up to 99.97% of airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. It lasts approximately 5 years under regular use.
      • The R614 is also equipped with 40 sq. ft. of Super HEPA filter material. This filter removes up to 99.99% of airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. It lasts approximately 5 years under regular use.

    A Greener Design

    The Airpura R600 air cleaner was created with eco-awareness in mind. The unit includes a host of environmentally friendly construction features that make it less impactful to the earth than off-the-shelf units of lesser quality. Some of these features include:

    • Lightweight, Motorized Impeller – This backward-curved, 560-CFM impeller weighs less than half of the typical motor, shaft, or blower wheel configurations used in conventional air purifiers. Moreover, it delivers greater airflow at the exact same power consumption.
    • PCB-Free Capacitors – All capacitors used in the R600 are free of polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs. These substances are known to be toxic to humans, animals, and the environment.
    • Zero Off-Gassing – This unit is free of any plastic, rubber, silicone, adhesives, or bonding agents (other than a small number of materials required to meet UL, ETL, CE, and CSA safety guidelines). The absence of these materials helps to reduce any off-gassing of chemical vapors, both within the clean air stream and in the unit's end-of-life phase.
    • All-Metal Housing – With 100% metal housing, the R600 air cleaner is a more ecologically sound product, and it's 93% recyclable. In addition, the metal housing prevents plastic off-gassing, which is common with many conventional units.
    • Vacuum-able Pre-Filters – To lengthen lifespan, improve the unit's energy efficiency, and reduce waste, all Airpura pre-filters can be easily vacuumed clean from the exterior of the unit.

    The R600's off-gassing prevention measures are particularly beneficial if you suffer from MCS. Along with all-metal housing and a sealed fan motor, this unit has felt gaskets and a contained electrical parts chamber. Felt gaskets help to seal the unit's filter chamber and maximize air filtration while producing none of the rubber off-gassing that is so common with other filters. By maintaining a separate electrical parts chamber, the unit also prevents any off-gassing that may stem from capacitors, condensers, or switches.

    Additional Features

    Other top features of the R600 air purifier include:

    • Variable Speed Motor – Choose from two filtration levels.
    • Quiet Purification – The unit's backward-curved impeller helps eliminate vibrations and noise associated with conventional air purifier motors.
    • Zero Air Leakage – The unit's unique pressure seal on the filter chamber ensures that all of the contaminated air passes through the filters. This helps to maintain a True HEPA filtration rating.
    • Perforated Steel Exterior – This type of exterior allows for 360-degree air intake and re-distribution. It also creates a softer appearance.
    • Individual Replacement Filters - The HEPA and carbon filters can be changed separately to help you save on operating costs. You'll only change the filters that need to be changed.

    Start creating cleaner air in your home, office – and planet – with the Airpura R600.

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    5 Years on Parts; 10 Years on Labor

    Manufacturer's Literature

    Reference and Spec Sheet
    Quick reference and specification sheet for the Airpura R600.
    User's Guide
    Operating and filter replacement directions for the Airpura R600.

    What's In The Box?

    • Airpura R600 Air Purifier
    • Owner's Manual

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  • Specifications

    Manufacturer-Suggested Room Size (sq. ft.)2000 sq. ft.
    Maximum Room Size for 4 Air Changes Per Hour 1050 sq. ft.
    Recommended ForAllergies, Asthma, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Odor & Chemical, Smoke
    Best Fit Allergy-, asthma-, and multiple chemical sensitivity-sufferers
    Height23 in.
    Width15 in.
    Weight45 lbs.
    Filtration System
    • R600 HEPA - Cream: Pre-Filter, Vacuumable, HEPA Filter, True medical-grade HEPA, Carbon Filter, 18 lbs. activated carbon, Germ Treatment, 2 antimicrobial filters on either side of the carbon filter
    • R600 HEPA - White, R600 HEPA - Black: Carbon Filter, 18 lbs. activated carbon, Germ Treatment, 2 antimicrobial filters on either side of the carbon filter, HEPA Filter, Pre-Filter, Vacuumable
    • R614 Super HEPA - Cream: Carbon Filter, 18 lbs. activated carbon, Germ Treatment, 2 antimicrobial filters on either side of the carbon filter, HEPA Filter, True medical-grade super HEPA filter, Pre-Filter, Vacuumable
    • R614 Super HEPA - White: Carbon Filter, 18 lbs. activated carbon, HEPA Filter, True medical-grade super HEPA filter, Germ Treatment, 2 antimicrobial filters on either side of the carbon filter, Pre-Filter, Vacuumable
    • R614 Super HEPA - Black: Germ Treatment, 2 antimicrobial filters on either side of the carbon filter, Carbon Filter, 18 lbs. activated carbon, HEPA Filter, True medical-grade super HEPA filter, Pre-Filter, Vacuumable
    Pre-Filter TypeVacuumable
    HEPA Filter Type
    • R600 HEPA - Cream: True medical-grade HEPA
    • R614 Super HEPA - Cream, R614 Super HEPA - White, R614 Super HEPA - Black: True medical-grade super HEPA filter
    Amount of Carbon18 lbs. activated carbon
    Type of Germ Treatment2 antimicrobial filters on either side of the carbon filter
    Number of Filters to Change3
    Pre-Filter1 year
    HEPA Filter5 years
    Carbon Filter2 years
    Number of Fan Speeds2
    Amount of Air Moved (Max CFM)560 CFM
    Minimum Noise Level28.1 dB
    Maximum Noise Level62.3 dB
    Filter Change IndicatorNo
    Programmable TimerNo
    Remote ControlNo
    ColorTan, White, Black, Cream, White, Black
    Minimum Wattage40 W
    Maximum Wattage120 W
    Voltage110-120 V
    Energy StarNo
    Ozone EmissionNone
  • Product Q&A

    Important FAQ information and shipping/payment details
  • Reviews

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    Airpura R600 Air Purifier

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      Works Great

      By Mike

      from Pennsylvania

      About Me Quality Oriented

      Verified Buyer


      • Attractive Design
      • Quiet


        Best Uses

        • Anywhere
        • Bedroom

        Comments about Airpura R600 Air Purifier:

        We have been using our R600 for about a month now and the air quality in our bedroom is noticeably cleaner. We bought the R600 for a new house to remove chemicals from paint etc. and I notice when waking up that my throat is no longer sore and I'm no longer stuffed up like before we had the purifier. I chose the R600 because it offers individual filters so the carbon filter can be changed before the longer life HEPA filter.

        On high the filter is loud but we keep it on about 65% at night and it actually helps us sleep by creating white noise. We turn it down when watching TV and set it to high when we are out of the house so the noise is not an issue.

        • Primary use:
        • Personal

        (6 of 6 customers found this review helpful)


        Happy with my R600 after 5 months of use

        By Chad the Product Research Junkie

        from Portland, OR

        About Me Quality Oriented

        Verified Reviewer


        • Easy maintenance
        • Long life
        • Low Annual Operatingcosts
        • POWERFUL
        • Quiet
        • User friendly


        • Slight Chemical Smell

        Best Uses

        • Anywhere
        • Bedroom
        • Larger Rooms
        • Living Room

        Comments about Airpura R600 Air Purifier:

        I got my Airpura R600 about five months ago and have used it 24 hours a day since then. Overall, I think it's a great machine that effectively and quietly purifies the air in my bedroom and keeps my dust mite allergies at bay. It definitely keeps the air smelling clean and fresh, though it does seem to emit a slight odor; maybe that's from the heavy charcoal filter, I'm not sure. As one of the only filters on the market with a variable fan speed control, it also doubles as the perfect white noise machine! The unit is sturdy and well-made. It's not the most attractive purifier out there but it's relatively unobtrusive, being perfectly cylindrical and covered in a plain, perforated metal shell. It is painted in a high-gloss finish, though I would have preferred a more matte finish. However, I got the cream color, which doesn't draw too much attention to itself, so I'm okay with it. One thing I really appreciate about the R600 is the quietness of its motor and fan, which is just a gentle hum and whir unless you turn it up past half way, in which case it becomes more like a powerful box fan on high. The purified air is directed out in all directions from near the top of the machine, which prevents the drafts that plague purifiers with unidirectional fan outlets. I really like the fact that the HEPA filter lasts up to 5 years and the prefilter (which is just behind the outer screen of the unit) can be easily cleaned each month with a the vacuum cleaner and an upholstery brush attachment. If you look at the long-term ownership cost of this unit, it actually costs less than a lot of purifiers that sell for half its price, making it a great value. One feature I could do without is the ridiculously bright green indicator light next to the control knob on the front of the machine. In my opinion, it's way too bright for nighttime use in a bedroom, but a piece of electrical tape took care of that problem right away. Overall, the Airpura R600 is not sexy, but it's a darn good air purifier with quiet operation, metal construction, and one of the best real-world filtration rates in the industry (trust me, I spent weeks online reading about ALL the popular purifiers), all for a lot less than that big square guy that gets so much attention. I highly recommend it.

        • Primary use:
        • Personal

        (4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


        Best Air Filter for me

        By Judy

        from Tustin, CA

        About Me Quality Oriented

        Verified Buyer


        • Affordable
        • Attractive Design
        • Long life
        • Quiet
        • User friendly


          Best Uses

          • Anywhere
          • Asthma Control
          • Bedroom
          • Larger Rooms
          • Living Room
          • Smaller rooms

          Comments about Airpura R600 Air Purifier:

          I love this air purifier. I also have an Austin Healthmate (which is good too), but I like the Airpura better. It is quieter & does a better job at taking odors out of the air. I like the fact that you can adjust the fan speed by turning the knob, rather than the typical presets: low, medium, & high. This way I can control how strong/noisy the machine is. I think it's perfect for the bedroom because it's very quiet. You can easily turn it up when you leave the room without that loud blasting fan noise (unless you turn it up to max). I keep it running 24 hrs/day on a low setting.

          • Primary use:
          • Personal

          (14 of 14 customers found this review helpful)


          Solid unit, could use some sound insulation

          By Mark

          from USA

          Verified Buyer

          Comments about Airpura R600 Air Purifier:

          I just bought the R600 in black from Sylvane. no shipping or tax (Michigan).

          This is a solidly built purifier. It's not super quiet on the low setting, but quiet enough to keep in the other room. The air coming out smells really fresh. Must be all the activated carbon washing the air. On high it really shoots out some air. I like the simplicity of this machine. It's really well built, there's no vibration at any speed. The castors are really nice - I can move it around on my low pile carpet. Not much difference in noise between the low and medium setting, so I keep it around the medium setting most of the time.

          With the lights out, I shined a flashlight next to where the air draws into the side, and I could see tiny dust particles getting sucked into the perforated metal. My apartment is filled with tiny dust particles, which I'm guessing is cat dander but don't really know. Before buying the purifier, I made a point of vacuuming out my heat vents, getting a good furnace filter, and cleaning in general. I also put in vent filters for the 5 air vents in my apt. For 6 years in my apt I never payed attention to the furnace filter, but the ones they had been putting in were undersized and cheap as they get. Dust and stuff from my cat has been shooting through the air for years and lately (last year or so) I've had allergies and headaches, pressure behind my eyes. I never had allergies in my life (41 now).

          Anyway.... short of cleaning out the ducts, I've done everything I can, including buying a Miele hepa vacuum. I'll up date as many months go by - been only 4 days so far and I feel better but too soon to tell if I've fixed the issue.

          It's a solid, powerful, large machine. The air definitely feels fresher. For my 700 sq ft apt it's pretty sufficient I think. I am however thinking about getting the Winix 9500 for my bedroom, thinking it will be a better white noise machine. Reviews talk about how the winix is quiet it is on low. I did have a Rabbit Air BioGS for awhile but it had a pitchy, undulating noise on all settings that I couldn't get used to. The R600 has a nice solid hum. You can hear the motor but it's not too loud and you can also hear the air rushing out.

          The Amazon product description says "near silent operation" on low. Wrong, guys. It's a low hum but not near silent. If you put it in another room from where you are, then yes, near silent. But if it's right next to you, no way it's near silent. Ideally I'd just like to hear the rushing air and nothing else, but with a huge HEPA filter and 18 pds of carbon, I can see how it needs a decent sized motor to draw the air through it. Also if you listen close a few feet from the unit there is a slight buzzing noise coming from the on/off switch. I'm told a power bar might eliminate it. I'm used to it now though and don't notice. Like anything, you notice all the subtleties at first, and then it begins to all blend together as other ambient sounds come and go from around the apt.

          Lastly, I'm told there is an optional accessory called a neg-air collar (comes in all three colors) that wraps around the top of the unit, acting as a sound surpressor. The air is directed out through a tubular port, instead of coming out from all around the top. I'm told a new batch is on order.

          I'm liking this machine more each day.

          Must say cust service was great. Emailed Airpura directly inquiring about the sound issue and they took the time to answer with detailed explanations about product development, etc. Will be looking into the neg-air collar. Sound insulation is what this machine could benefit from. It's a 4 right now, and a little quieter and it gets a 5 star
          Power consumption seems normal for such a capable machine. Will check my electric bill next month.

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