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Aprilaire 1850 95-Pint Whole House Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1850 95-Pint Whole House Dehumidifier

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Price: $1259.95
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  • Product Overview

    Stop mold damage, relieve your allergies, and stay comfortable throughout your home with the Aprilaire 1850 Whole House Dehumidifier. Unlike portable dehumidifiers that dehumidify limited areas in your home, the 1850 works with your HVAC system to dehumidify all of your rooms evenly and efficiently. The 1850 is rated to remove 95 pints of moisture per day at AHAM conditions (80 degrees F, 60% humidity) and covers homes up to 2,400 square feet. With multiple installation options and foolproof humidity control, this unit is ideal for homes, townhouses, condos, basements, and crawlspaces.  Choose either the model 1850 which plugs directly into a 120V outlet or the 1850W model which is hardwired into your electric supply.  

    Multiple Installation Options

    The Aprilaire 1850 installs as part of your central HVAC system. As your system runs, the dehumidifier pulls air in using the return ducts, dehumidifies it, and sends dry air back into your rooms. Popular installation locations include an equipment room or closet, your basement, or your attic. Hanging installation is also possible. Two 8-inch duct collars are included for ducting air return and supply, and the supply duct can be installed in 1 of 2 locations on the unit for more flexibility in your space.

    • Main Return to Main Return (RECOMMENDED) - This can be used when the supply duct is not available.  Air is pulled from the return duct, dehumidifier, and returned to the return duct.  This application assures that the dehumidified air is mixed with the rest of the air in the duct before it is returned to the house.  Used in basements, attics, crawl spaces, etc.
    • Dedicated Return to Main Supply or Dedicated Return to A/C Return - This is used when a return or supply duct is not available.  Air is pulled through a dedicated return grille, dehumidified, and returned to the supply plenum or return.
    • Dedicated A/C Return to A/C Return - For homes without duct work.  This dries a specific area that has a moisture problem.  The dehumidifier can be located in a closet, mechanical room, etc. and ducted into the finished room.
    • Main Return to Main Supply - Here, air is pulled from the return duct, dehumidified, and returned to the supply plenum.  For use in basements, attics, closets, etc.​

    *For proper installation, it's best to consult with a qualified HVAC technician.

    Automatic Humidity Control

    Take the guesswork out of controlling your home's humidity. The Aprilaire 1850 automatically maintains your set humidity level in true "set it and forget it" fashion. To set it up, program your desired humidity level between 30 and 80% (between 45 and 50% is ideal for maintaining a healthy, mold-free environment). Periodically, the dehumidifier's humidistat measures the humidity level in your home and adjusts dehumidifying speed to maintain that level. This frees you from the hassle of manually adjusting operation based on your own humidity measurements.

    Built-in Ventilation

    • Brings in outside air for ventilation of the home to ASHRAE 62.2 2007 standard.
    • In hot, humid climates, supplemental dehumidification of fresh air beyond standard HVAC equipment is recommended.
    • The most efficient means to dehumidify air is upon initial entry into the home instead of after the home is loaded.
    • Monitors HVAC fan run time during cooling and/or heating calls to efficiently ventilate the whole home, and automatically monitor/control the humidity of the incoming air; utilizes dehumidifier and HVAC fan to make up any remaining ventilation required based on chosen set point.
    • Optional outdoor temperature sensor can be used if no fresh air is desired above 100°F or below 0°F (utilizing this will ignore ASHRAE 62.2 2007 standard).

    Additional Features

    Made in the USA

    • Wall-Mountable Dehumidistat - The onboard dehumidistat is detachable and easily wall-mountable to help you control the humidity setting more conveniently.​
    • MERV-8 Air Filter – This easy-to-access, washable air filter removes allergens such as mold spores and dust particles while ensuring efficient operation.
    • Auto Defrost Control – In cool conditions, an automatic defroster turns off the compressor and runs the blower until the coils are defrosted to protect the unit from damage.
    • No Water Tank - The Aprilaire 1850 features a drain port to gravity drain collected condensate (drain hose not included). This eliminates the often messy task of emptying a water container.
    • Leveling Feet - Four stabilizing rubber feet are included to ensure proper drainage of the dehumidifier.​
    • American-Made - All Aprilaire dehumidifiers are proudly made in the USA.


    The compact Aprilaire 1850 Whole House Dehumidifier is a one-stop solution for controlling mold-causing humidity throughout smaller homes.

    What Customers Love

    • Low Maintenance - Just wash the filter and clean debris from the drain port and hose annually to ensure proper operation.
    • Very Efficient - Compared to leading portable dehumidifiers, the 1850 operates up to 4 times more efficiently and removes 50% more moisture per kilowatt hour.

    Things to Consider

    • Drain Location - For gravity drainage, you'll need a nearby drain and vinyl or PVC drain tubing (0.75-inch diameter). If there is no nearby drain, consider using an external condensate pump to pump water to a more ideal location.​ 

    Manufacturer's Warranty

    5-Year Limited Warranty

    Manufacturer's Literature

    Aprilaire 1830-1850 Owner's Manual
    Aprilaire 1850 Spec Sheet
    Aprilaire 1830-1850 Installation Instructions

    What's In The Box?

    • Aprilaire Whole House Dehumidifier (1850 or 1850W)
    • Two 8-inch round duct collars
    • 8-foot power cord (1850 model only)
    • 4 leveling feet
    • Owner's manual
    • Installation manual

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  • Specifications

    Residential UseBasement, Crawl Space, Whole House
    Manufacturer-Stated Capacity95 pints
    Low Temperature Operation (41 degrees F and Under)Yes
    Practical Room Size 2,400 sq. ft.
    Energy StarNo
    Energy Factor2.2 L/kWh
    AHAM-Verified Yes
    Height14.5 in.
    Width12.5 in.
    Depth27.5 in.
    Weight75 lbs.
    Water ContainerNo
    Internal Condensate PumpNo
    Continuous Drain CapableYes
    Drain Hose IncludedNo
    Drain Hose Diameter.75 in.
    Automatic DefrostYes
    Cubic Feet Per Minute (Max)265 CFM
    Maximum Noise Level54 dB
    Number of Filters1
    Refrigerant TypeR-410A
    Maximum Amperage8 Amps
    Power Cord Length8 ft.
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