New Dehumidifiers and ACs Just in Time for Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day kicks off the start of summer, but summer weather has already arrived for a lot of us. So while you’re firing up the grille and hopping in the pool, don’t forget to prep your home for summer heat and humidity.

And now may be the best time to buy since we’re offering 10% off all orders over $150 Memorial Day weekend (some exclusions apply).

Just use promo code MEM15 this weekend at checkout for deals on ACs, dehumidifiers, vacuums, and more.

We’ll take a look at some of our must-have products for the hot, humid weather on its way. Continue reading…

Aprilaire Offers Whole-House, American-Made Comfort

High humidity levels inside are a big concern this time of year, and people aren’t just focusing on basements: They’re using whole-house dehumidifiers to maintain healthy humidity levels across their entire homes.

Unlike portable models that focus on limited areas, whole-house dehums work with your HVAC systems to evenly dehumidify all your rooms.  

Aprilaire, who has more than 50 years in the indoor air quality business, offers some of the most popular whole-house dehumidifying options. Their efficient models are all made in the USA and keep precise control over your home’s humidity.

For a quick way to compare their specs, check out or print our Aprilaire dehumidifier comparison chart. Or keep reading to learn more about their features and benefits–and see what else Aprilaire has to offer. Continue reading…


Mother’s Day 2015: Celebrating the Ultimate Multi-Tasker

Let’s be honest, the mother we celebrate in 2015 is very different from the one we’ve celebrated in the past. But one thing remains: The health and comfort of her family still comes first.

As you prepare for Mother’s Day this weekend, consider getting your mom–or wife–something that will make her life easier and stress-free. Consider it a small payback for all she’s done for you.

Create a Healthy Nursery for Your Baby

Nursery Humidifier

I knew my time at Sylvane was rubbing off on me when my first thought after hearing the royal baby finally arrived was “I wonder what Kate’s adding to her nursery.” It’s probably because Vornado, one of the most trusted brands we offer, recently added to their successful “Baby” line.

Geared towards creating the ultimate in nursery comfort, Vornado introduced the Vornado Baby Huey Humidifier. This cool-mist humidifier adds gentle moisture for soothing sniffles, coughs and uncomfortable dry air. It has a gender-neutral pastel exterior and safety features to put even the most worrisome mom at ease. Continue reading…

Sylvane Can Help with Your Industrial Dehumidifying Needs

Dri-Eaz DriTec 4000i Are you looking for a dehumidifier that’s more advanced than a model you would use in your home? Maybe you have a particularly unforgiving drying task at hand, you run a business with inventory or equipment that needs moisture damage protection, or you work in the tireless field of water damage restoration. Either way, Sylvane can help outfit you and your business with the tools you need to get the job done right.

Check out our brand new industrial dehumidifiers section and you’ll find all of our highly recommended heavy-duty dehumidifiers in one place. Shop our units by type, capacity, brand, features, and of course, price to find the exact fit for your needs. You’ll also find other tools and accessories that aid in heavy-duty drying like air movers and restoration chemicals.

Need some help navigating our industrial products? Here’s a little information about our brands. Continue reading…


Why Steam Cleaners Are Essential for Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning season has officially arrived. Before you reach for that arsenal of chemical cleaners, consider cleaning with a vapor steam cleaner. Most people don’t know just how much this secret weapon can tackle.

Keep reading to learn more about their various uses and remember: We’re offering 10% off select steam cleaners from April 15 through April 28th during our Spring Allergy Sale! More about that later, but first lets take a look at why you may need one for your space. Continue reading…