20% Off Fans and Air Conditioners Sale Kicks Off Summer Fun!

It may feel like it’s been summer for a while now (it certainly has here in Atlanta), but summer didn’t officially start until today. To celebrate the season, we’re offering a 20% off Cooling Sale! Several popular brands of air conditioners, fans, and evaporative coolers are on sale, so you can enjoy summer instead of sweating through it.

Here are a few products you’ll find 20% off at Sylvane.com through Sunday, July 8, 2012:

Toyotomi Air Conditioners

Toyotomi portable ACs are known for being reliable units that provide powerful indoor cooling with low energy consumption. Our customers enjoy the tankless water-removal system, superior air filtration, and various comfort features.

The Toyotomi TAD-T38J Portable AC offers 3 levels of air filtration to ensure your home is full of fresh air. It also gives you the option to cool, dehumidify, or use fan-only operation. If you’re feeling lazy this summer, just have the unit’s Auto mode select a mode and fan speed for you. The feature uses ambient room temperature to determine a mode, so this model literally takes the thought out of keeping your home cool.

Vornado Fans

Vornado has been a leader in airflow technology for more than 50 years and created the first whole-room air circulator using its Vortex technology. Vortex technology is unique, because it continuously moves air to distribute airflow across a wide area instead of just the space in front of the fan.

We carry 2 new Vornado fans, and both are included in the Cooling Sale. The first is the Vornado 530 Compact Air Circulator, a compact fan that is more powerful than an 18” commercial fan. You can adjust the airflow from a quiet low speed to a powerful high speed (that many people will need in the coming months). The 530 Compact lets you raise your thermostat 5 degrees in the summer–saving more than $50 a year!

The 573 Air Circulator, another new Vornado fan, moves air up to 60 feet and offers a modern new design. This model can be positioned for horizontal or vertical airflow, so your room won’t feel stuffy or full of stagnant air.

Champion Evaporative Coolers

Many people know that window ACs, portable ACs, and fans are affordable, energy-efficient ways to keep your indoor environment comfortable. You may not be as familiar with evaporative coolers, but they can be just as beneficial! Evaporative coolers pull in warm air and pass it over moist pads, so it supplies cool air to indoor environments using only water and air circulation. The military uses them, so surely they can handle anything you throw at them this summer.

Champion is known as a brand that delivers high-quality products at great values, and their coolers provide supplemental cooling to anyone living in a dry, hot climate. We offer a variety of sizes to cool anything from bedrooms to garages to patios. Casters and solid grips make them mobile as well. Check out our Champion brand page to browse through our selection today.

These aren’t the only great products on sale through July 8. The sale also offers 20% off select Danby, DeLonghi, Friedrich, Soleus, Whynter, Comfort Aire, and Kuul-Aire cooling products. Visit Sylvane.com for more details and to take advantage of these deals.

Summer is the season of fun, so don’t let soaring temperatures bring you down! How are you staying cool this summer?

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