Discarded Batteries – Toxic Little Time Bombs

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. consumers buy over 3 billion dry cell batteries and 350 million rechargeable batteries each year. Unfortunately, most people simply toss batteries in the trash when they’re dead. According to Rod Muir of the Sierra Club, discarded batteries are “toxic little time bombs.”

Batteries often contain toxic heavy metals like cadmium, lead, chromium, and mercury. When batteries end up in a landfill, these heavy metals eventually end up in our water supply. Continue reading…

How to Weatherize Your Home without Sacrificing Air Quality

With heating bills expected to be even higher than last year’s, it’s important to weatherize your home to conserve energy – but it’s also important to maintain healthy indoor air quality once you seal up your house.

Even a well-insulated home may contain several gaps and cracks that allow heat to escape. Place weather-stripping around doors and windows, and seal any gaps in building materials with caulking. Continue reading…

DeLonghi Ceramic Heater Reviews

DeLonghi ceramic heaterIf you’re looking for a small, safe, reliable space heater that evenly heats a room, then you’ll love the ceramic space heaters from DeLonghi. These value-priced heaters oscillate from left to right and feature electronic control panels as well as tip-over and overheat protection.

How do ceramic heaters work?

Ceramic heaters contain ceramic plates and aluminum baffling. Electricity heats up the ceramic plates. The heat is then absorbed by the aluminum and blown into the room with a fan. Ceramic heaters are small and portable, and even though they heat up quickly, their plastic encasings remain cool to the touch. Continue reading…