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Got Allergies? Photos of Home May Help Your Doctor

Posted by John on November 8th, 2008

I rarely watch television (I prefer online media), but when I do watch TV, one of my favorite shows is House M.D. Dr. House always considers all potential causes of illness, including environmental factors. In fact, in several episodes, the maverick diagnostician sends his interns to break into the homes of sick patients.

While I appreciate Dr. House’s efforts, I wouldn’t want a bunch of 20-somethings dressed in white coats breaking into my home! Thankfully, US News and World Report offers an alternative: take photos of your home to show your doctor. Continue reading

Apollo goLITE BLU Review

Posted by John on November 7th, 2008

Apollo goLITE BLUAre the winter blues getting to you? If so, there’s a new, easy way to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD): the Apollo goLITE BLU.

As you can see, this light therapy box is extremely small and portable.

Use it at the breakfast table or in the bathroom.

Or, if you don’t have time for a morning treatment, toss it into your bag and take it to the office! It comes with a protective case for traveling. Continue reading

Is Your Office Literally Making You Sick?

Posted by John on November 6th, 2008

Forbes reports that your office may be making you sick – literally. From poor indoor air quality to unhealthy lighting, workspace woes can lead to chronic illness, stress, and depression. Continue reading

Winter Warning: Less Sunlight Ahead

Posted by John on November 6th, 2008

Here in Georgia, autumn leaves are falling from the trees and temperatures are dropping. Days are getting shorter, and nights are getting longer. Winter is just around the corner – and that means we’ll be spending less time outdoors and getting even less sunlight. A lack of sunlight can lead to fatigue and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of seasonal depression. Continue reading

Do Allergies Defend Against Cancer?

Posted by John on November 5th, 2008

If you have allergies, you may want to put down that bottle of antihistamines and let your sneezes do their job. A new study from Cornell University suggests that allergies may protect against certain types of cancer by expelling carcinogenic particles from the body.

Allergies appear to protect against cancers that occur in organs that come in contact with environmental particles – the mouth, throat, colon, rectum, skin, cervix, pancreas, and glial brain cells. Continue reading

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Alen Air Purifier Reviews

Posted by John on November 2nd, 2008

Alen A350 Air PurifierThe Alen A350 air cleaner has been flying off the shelves since it won the Best Value award from ConsumerSearch. Ranking behind only the IQAir HealthPro in performance, the Alen A350 “removes nearly as many allergens from the air” and is “also a little quieter” than the HealthPro; both air purifiers feature true HEPA filtration plus carbon filters for odors and chemicals. While ConsumerSearch says that the HealthPro is the best air purifier you can buy, “the Alen A350 air purifier comes close for a lot less.” Continue reading

After the Election – The Future of the FDA

Posted by John on November 2nd, 2008

In just a couple of days, we will elect a new President of the United States of America. The new President will not only have to face international turmoil and a faltering economy, but also a breakdown of the regulatory system that oversees food and drug safety.

Simply put, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t been doing a very good job lately. In recent months we’ve had beef recalls because of mad cow and E. Coli contamination, a string of mysterious salmonella outbreaks, tainted shipments of drugs from China, and other drug recalls. Continue reading

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Indoor Air Quality and Asthma

Posted by John on November 2nd, 2008

If you have asthma, you should be familiar with all of your asthma triggers so that you can avoid them. Get tested for allergies if you haven’t already. Most asthmatics are sensitive to at least one common household allergen.

Indoor air quality is a major concern for people with asthma. If you can manage to avoid inhaling the particles that make you sick, then you’ll feel better. Continue reading

Stress – Bad for Allergies and Skin

Posted by John on November 1st, 2008


In the 2003 film Anger Management, therapist Buddy Rydell tells his patients that they can calm down by repeating the term Goosefraba and breathing deeply. In an old Seinfeld episode, George’s neurotic father uses a similar phrase – Serenity Now – to help calm his blood pressure. (Although he usually ends up shouting the phrase counterproductively!)

While these comedic examples may seem silly, it turns out that having your own “serenity” practice can help with your allergies and skin health. Continue reading

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Winter Norovirus Outbreaks Linked to Drinking Water

Posted by John on November 1st, 2008

The Canadian Press reports that drinking water may be behind winter outbreaks of norovirus.

Norovirus, also known as “stomach flu” or gastroenteritis, infects people much more frequently during the winter. Canadian researchers found that outbreaks are more likely to happen the week after water temperatures drop below a certain point.

The findings suggest that certain environmental conditions allow noroviruses from sewage to find their way back into drinking water. Continue reading