February Air Quality Evangelists

Air Quality Evangelists Badge

When it comes to creating a safe and healthy indoor environment, the more you know, the better. However, sometimes online research can lead to an overwhelming amount of options.

That’s why we created the Air Quality Evangelist project!

Each month, we will scour the web for the best blogs and websites you can confidently add to your list of air treatment resources. These sites may focus on allergies, asthma, green living, air quality, anything – most importantly, they have a deep appreciation for breathing clean and healthy air. At the end of the month, we will choose our top picks and name a few Air Quality Evangelists.

An Air Quality Evangelist is someone who appreciates the importance of healthy indoor air and celebrates products and lifestyle choices that can help improve the quality of the air you breathe. Air Quality Evangelist blogs are invited to sport the Air Quality Evangelist badge so you can spot them easily.

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Battle Early Spring Allergies

Are you battling a runny nose, itchy eyes, and a seemingly endless bout of sneezing? Don’t be so sure it’s just a cold. It could be spring allergies—in February. Strange, right?

Doctors think so too. For the past month, allergists across the country have been treating a new wave of patients suffering from spring allergy symptoms early, more than a month before the season typically begins. The reason, reports a recent WebMD article, is an uncharacteristically mild winter in many cities in the U.S.

Experts say that warmer-than-average winter temperatures around the country have triggered early tree pollination and led to higher pollen counts than normal for this time of year. As a result, we’re experiencing an early start to allergy season. And if you suffer from tree pollen allergies, you’re likely among the first to feel the effects.

Scientists have a hunch that an early allergy season could mean we’re in for a longer-than-average season. But because rainfall amounts have a bearing on how long trees and flowers pollinate; it’s too early to predict for sure. Whatever the outcome, if you are prone to seasonal allergies, now is a great time to get prepared.

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Video: Things to Consider When Choosing an Air Purifier

One of the best and easiest things you can do for your air quality is invest in an air purifier. Once you start shopping around, however, the choices can seem endless and overwhelming.

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Introducing the Santa Fe Impact XT Dehumidifier!

Santa Fe Impact XT DehumidifierThere’s a new Santa Fe dehumidifier on the block and it has officially given new meaning to the phrase “energy efficient dehumidifier.” As the most energy efficient freestanding dehumidifier on the market, the Santa Fe Impact XT Dehumidifier exceeds Energy Star standards by roughly 50%, doubling the moisture removal rate of many conventional high-capacity dehumidifiers. A true pioneer in its class, this workhorse unit eliminates musty, humid conditions in your basement or crawl space while reducing your energy bill and being easier on the environment.

Like all Energy Star dehumidifiers, the Impact XT is built with super-efficient internal components and uses eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant. These improvements alone mean you’ll save up to $220 over the operating life of the unit. The Impact takes your potential savings further with its uniquely high Energy Factor. A standard measurement of efficiency for dehumidifiers, Energy Factor refers to the amount of moisture removed in liters per kilowatt hour of energy consumed (L/kWh).

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Love is in the Air…But What Else Might Be?

Whether it’s a dozen roses to show a loved one how much we care, or an all-black outfit to show our couple friends how much we couldn’t care less, we can all go a little crazy around Valentine’s Day. Before you hit the mall to hunt down that perfect gift for your special someone (or yourself!), check out a few Valentine’s Day staples you might want to avoid this year.

Teddy Bears With Lead

In 2010, Target pulled some Valentine’s Day bears from their shelves after investigations found the vinyl letters depicting cute messages like “XOXO” and “I Love U” contained well over federal limits for lead. Lead exposure can damage the nervous system and other organs, and can be especially harmful to children.

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