A Look Back at the Storm that Shut Down Atlanta

We’ve been saying it for a while now: This has been a crazy winter. Little did we know just how crazy it would get here in Atlanta! On Tuesday all hell broke loose and the term “Snowpocolypse” was unavoidable. After a few inches of ice caused a full-blown city shutdown, the dust (or ice?) has finally settled.

The political and economic consequences are still the talk-of-the-town, but this storm proved one thing: With Mother Nature, you really just never know. I’ll leave the political conversation to Mayor Kasim Reed and the various news outlets asking the tough questions. But as some people are just getting home after 48+ hours away from their families, let’s take a look back at the craziness:







It was a rough few days for people living in Atlanta and surrounding areas. We suggest downloading weather- and traffic-related apps for real-time updates on winter weather.

And just to keep with the theme of this crazy winter, the high tomorrow in Atlanta is in the low 50s. It’s nearly impossible to guess what’s coming next, and being as prepared as possible is one of the few things everyone can do. Heaters will break, power will go out, and after this week, we truly should expect it all.

Keep an eye out on Sylvane’s clearance center for any deals we have on space heaters, electric fireplaces, and other items to keep you warm once you’re safely back at your house. It won’t help if you’re stranded on icy roads, but let’s hope that’s a thing of the (very recent) past.

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