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Now Available: A Speedier Water Filter Pitcher

Posted by Ashley on June 19th, 2009

Clear2O Original Water PitcherDrip…drip…drip. Does this situation sound familiar? You open your refrigerator, longing for a tall glass of clean water – only to be met with an empty water filter pitcher. Now, you’re going to have to refill it and wait for what seems like an eternity while your tap water slowly drips through the purifying filter before it’s ready to drink.

Drip…drip…annoying drip.

Well guess what? The time you have to wait for that satisfying glass of agua has been drastically reduced with the Clear2O Original Water Pitcher. Nabbing a 2007 “Good Buy” award from Good Housekeeping magazine, the Clear2O water filter pitcher puts clean, contaminant-free water at your fingertips in a record time of 34 seconds.

To filter water 9 times faster than the competition, the Clear2O pitcher uses the pressure of your faucet instead of simple gravity to pass water through a purifying carbon block filter. All you have to do is attach the pitcher’s quick-connect hose to your faucet and turn on the tap. Pressurized water moves through the filter at record speed. When the pitcher is full, you’ll enjoy nine 8-oz. glasses of clean water before your next fill-up – that’s approximately 50% more than similar water filter pitchers.

Clear2O water filtration pitcher Your water will be cleaner, too. Clear2O’s filter removes 5 times the amount of impurities as the leading brand’s pitcher. It also has an exceptionally long life. The Clear2O filter purifies 50 gallons or 800 8-oz. glasses of water over its lifetime. That means you could go months and months without replacing it.

I think one of the best benefits of this pitcher, however, boils down to the incredibly positive effect it has on the environment. Every year, bottled water produces about 1.5 million tons of plastic waste. It’s estimated that a mere 20 percent of these plastic water bottles actually make it to a recycling bin. The rest end up in landfills – where they will take 450 to 1,000 years to decompose – or in the ocean – where marine life often fatally mistake the bottles for food.

Drinking water from a Clear2O Original Water Pitcher not only helps you save time and money, it also helps save the planet we call home.

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  1. MJ Reynolds Says:

    Clean water is not something most towns and cities can offer these days… it’s up to each of us to find the best solutions. Thanks! MJ

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