Air Pollution Slows Brain Development

In my previous blog post EPA Decides to Let Rocket Fuel Remain in Water, I pointed out that drinking contaminated water can lower your IQ. Now Environmental Health News reports that air pollution can lower your IQ, too.

A collaborative study by China and the U.S. shows that brain development in Chinese children improved after a local coal-fired plant was shut down.

Children who grew up near the coal-burning plant had high levels of polyaromatic carbons (PAHs) and showed significantly poorer performance on neurological development tests. Children who grew up in the same area after the plant closed showed improved brain development and higher test scores.

air cleanersAir pollution is a major obstacle to health and childhood development. If you have children, don’t let air pollution limit their potential. Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of air pollution because their lungs are not fully developed. Place an air cleaner in their bedroom to clean the air of dangerous pollutants as well as germs and allergens.

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