Air Pollution in the Office Environment

If you get frequent headaches at work, it could be something in the air. Research shows that laser printers and copying machines contaminate indoor air with various pollutants.

Last year, the journal Environmental Science & Technology reported that some laser printers emit as many pollutants as a burning cigarette! When these small particles are inhaled, they can damage the lungs and lead to respiratory disease over time.

Copying machines can also emit harmful gases and particles, including ozone and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemicals commonly cause headaches and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.

To minimize the air pollution in your office, make sure that the office is well ventilated. If possible, place copying machines and laser printers near an exhaust vent. Don’t sit too close to copying machines or laser printers; the closer you sit, the more pollution you’ll inhale. If you can smell a faint burning-like odor coming from a machine, then you’re sitting too close.

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Finally, make sure that printers and copying machines are well maintained and serviced regularly. A piece of equipment that’s not working properly can emit even more air pollution.

After following these tips, if you still have a headache when you’re in the office, perhaps it’s the lighting. See Full Spectrum Lighting for the Office Environment to learn more.

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