Air Purifiers Reduce Need for Asthma Medication

BBC reports that a new British study is putting air purifiers to the test. Air cleaners will be placed in the bedrooms of over 70 children to see if their asthma improves.

So far, preliminary results from 28 children show that air purifiers in bedrooms do indeed reduce the need for asthma medication.

“They also reported they were able to do sport better and sleep better, which was really good,” said research nurse Heather Hanna.

“And their rhinitis [inflammation of the nose] symptoms improved a lot. So we are really looking at not just whether their asthma improves and whether they use less medication, but also whether this makes a massive difference for the parents as well as the children.”

Pediatrician Dr. Bob Boyle points out that the dreaded dust mite is to blame for the majority of nighttime asthma symptoms: “Most childhood asthma is caused in part by allergy, and in an ideal world, you would avoid the allergic dust mites. In some older Italian studies, children with asthma were taken to the Alps, where there are no dust mites, and their asthma got better.”

HEPA air cleanersIf your child has asthma, place dust mite encasings on their mattress and pillows, and place a HEPA air cleaner in their bedroom.

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