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Alen A350 Air PurifierThe Alen A350 air cleaner has been flying off the shelves since it won the Best Value award from ConsumerSearch. Ranking behind only the IQAir HealthPro in performance, the Alen A350 “removes nearly as many allergens from the air” and is “also a little quieter” than the HealthPro; both air purifiers feature true HEPA filtration plus carbon filters for odors and chemicals. While ConsumerSearch says that the HealthPro is the best air purifier you can buy, “the Alen A350 air purifier comes close for a lot less.”

The Alen A350 air purifier has certainly been in the spotlight, but Alen offers several other air cleaners with the same value. The Alen A375UV air purifier, for example, comes with all the same features as the A350 plus UV germicidal protection and an upgraded carbon filter for better odor control.

While the above larger units treat 800 sqaure feet, Alen offers air purifiers for smaller spaces, too. The Alen T300 air cleaner is a tower unit that covers up to 300 square feet. Unlike most tower-style air cleaners, the T300 contains a true HEPA filter. It also has a carbon filter for odor control, as well as a UV lamp to destroy germs. This sleek, quiet air purifier works well in small to medium sized rooms.

Alen T100 air purifiersThe Alen T100 air cleaner is even smaller; it’s like a compact tower unit. It also features HEPA and activated carbon filtration, unlike most air purifiers this size. The T100 easily fits under work desks and even into cramped dorm rooms.

A major problem with some air purifiers (especially the tower-style units) is that they emit ozone, which can actually trigger allergies and asthma. Alen air purifiers do not emit ozone, and all of them come with easy-to-use digital controls. They’re all great values, indeed!

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