Amcor’s New 14,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Amcor NanoMax C14000E portable air conditioner Are you dreaming of a powerful portable AC that requires only minimal maintenance, features a savvy design, and can actually help you save money? Well, it’s not just a dream. Feast your eyes on our latest portable air conditioner (PAC) from New Jersey-based manufacturer, Amcor.

The Amcor NanoMax C14000E is the newest model to join the award-winning NanoMax line. Like its counterparts, this unit uses the company’s patented AutoDrain NanoMist Technology to automatically drain condensation from the unit – and to free you from ever having to empty a water bucket again. With 14,000 BTUs of cooling power per hour, this model is also the most powerful in the NanoMax series. It covers up to 500 sq. ft., which makes it the perfect supplemental spot cooler for a living room or other large room on hot summer nights.

Amcor Nanomax portable air conditioner One thing I love about this new unit is that it seems to be designed with interior style in mind. Its compact size and sleek outer body is further enhanced by a faux wood-accented control panel that provides a nice decorative touch. Whether it’s placed in a bedroom, office, living room, or den, the C14000E won’t cramp the existing style of the space. Right now, it’s available only in black, but I hear that more designer colors are on the way.

This PAC also helps you save money – a perk we cannot get enough these days. The unit features an easy-as-pie programmable timer that lets you pre-set on/off times to save energy during those hours when the portable air conditioner is not readily needed (i.e. when you leave the room).

Additionally, the simple act of adding this portable AC to the spaces you use most can help you shave dollars off of your energy bill. By running the unit in your most high-traffic rooms – and keeping your central AC’s thermostat at a higher setting – you can potentially save up to 5% on your monthly energy bill, without sacrificing comfort. Read our article Lower Your Energy Bill with a Portable Air Conditioner for more details.

The Amcor C14000E portable air conditioner is a stylish and economical way to beat the heat – and ease the dollar-crunch – this summer.

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