Apollo goLITE BLU Review

Apollo goLITE BLUAre the winter blues getting to you? If so, there’s a new, easy way to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD): the Apollo goLITE BLU.

As you can see, this light therapy box is extremely small and portable.

Use it at the breakfast table or in the bathroom.

Or, if you don’t have time for a morning treatment, toss it into your bag and take it to the office! It comes with a protective case for traveling.

You’ll notice an improvement by using the light for only 15 minutes a day. Use it while you’re getting ready in the morning, working, reading, or eating.

This small Apollo light pumps out a 10,000 lux healing light to brighten your mood. It’s rechargeable and portable so that you’ll never have to miss a SAD treatment.

The light’s Bluewave technology provides a low intensity blue light that’s twice as effective at managing the body’s internal clock compared to other sources of light. Because of its low intensity, the light produces less glare, less eyestrain, and fewer headaches. It can even help ease those tension headaches that pop up after hours of staring at a computer monitor.

The long-lasting LED lights are safe for your eyes, and the Apollo goLITE BLU doesn’t produce any harmful UV rays.

Don’t let a lack of sunlight get you down this summer; invest in a goLITE BLU and enjoy the benefits of healing light therapy.

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