August Air Quality Evangelists

Air Quality EvangelistAugust has been full of excitement. Kicking off with the Olympic Games, spiraling into back to school madness, and coming to a close with America’s eyes locked tight on a hurricane named Isaac.

Some of you may be hoping August never ends. Others are glad it’s coming to a close. Either way, there are just a few short days left in the month of August. It’s time to give shout-outs to our favorite blog posts during the month, written by these new Air Quality Evangelists!

Air Quality Evangelist Craig Canapari Dr. Craig Canapari
It’s not every day you come across a pediatrician with a blog. But then, Dr. Craig Canapari isn’t your average pediatrician. He specializes in children with breathing and sleep problems, like asthma, sleep apnea, and muscular dystrophy. His blog posts include unbelievable stories and insight into the lives of these children and their parents.

Winning Post: Probably the best word to describe Dr. Canapari’s blog is “uplifting.” This post embodies that word. Parents of children with asthma often fear their child won’t be able to succeed in athletics, or even compete against non-asthmatic kids. In this post, inspired by the major success of Olympic athletes with respiratory issues, Dr. Canapari explains exactly why asthma won’t keep your kids out of the Olympics.


Air Quality Evangelist Hug a Tree With MeHug a Tree With Me
When many people think about “being green,” they usually think about recycling, eating vegan, and carpooling. Roechelle Adair understands that indoor air quality is also an important factor in living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Her blog Hug a Tree With Me emphasizes those aspects of green living that are often forgotten, and inspires readers to learn more and live a healthier life.

Winning Post: Artificial air fresheners boast some impressive abilities nowadays. But savvy indoor air enthusiasts know better. In this post, Roechelle urges everyone to throw out their conventional air fresheners and improve their indoor air quality with 5 proven, easy tips.


Air Quality Evangelist AllerAirAllerAir
You know their air purifiers are effective, but did you know they also have a great blog? Just about every day, AllerAir adds another post to their blog about indoor air quality. From analyzing studies to unveiling news about air treatment, AllerAir raises the bar with their informative and timely blog.

Winning Post: Triclosan has been all over the news lately. A recent study found even more health hazards than we originally thought affiliated with this common substance. In this article, AllerAir discusses these risks and takes a look at many household products that contain Triclosan. This post is part of a weekly series called “Demystifying Household Chemicals,” which exposes the dangers of common substances and how often we use them.


Are you an Air Quality Evangelist? Do you believe in the importance of breathing clean, healthy air? Tell us! Introduce yourself in the comments section below, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. You could be featured in September’s Air Quality Evangelist round-up (and you get a cool badge!).

Check back next month to see if your favorite blog made the list!

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