Autism – An Environmental Illness?

Scientists are beginning to look at the environment as a possible cause of psychological conditions like autism. Environmental threats, for example, might include exposure to infectious agents as well as pollutants.

Actors Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey had a young son with autism, and they helped him recover from it, reports CNN.

“We believe autism is an environmental illness,” wrote McCarthy. “Vaccines are not the only environmental trigger, but we do think they play a major role. If we are going to solve this problem and finally start to reverse the rate of autism, we need to consider changing the vaccine schedule, reducing the number of shots given and removing certain ingredients that could be toxic to some children.”

See for more information about vaccine schedules.

“We believe what helped Evan recover was starting a gluten-free, casein-free diet, vitamin supplementation, detox of metals, and anti-fungals for yeast overgrowth that plagued his intestines,” continued McCarthy. “Once Evan’s neurological function was recovered through these medical treatments, speech therapy and applied behavior analysis helped him quickly learn the skills he could not learn while he was frozen in autism.

“When Evan meets doctors and neurologists, to this day they tell us he was misdiagnosed – that he never had autism to begin with. It’s as if they are wired to believe that children can’t recover from autism.”

Children are especially vulnerable to environmental threats, and we must pay special attention to their environments. See Creating a Health Nursery to learn more about healthy environments for children.

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