Enter Your Pet in the Bissell Pet Games Video Contest

Do you have a funny feline, comical canine, or humorous hamster? If your pet knows any unique tricks, submit a video to the Bissell Pet Games today!

Note: Your pet doesn’t have to be a star athlete like the dog above to win. Cuteness and humor score points, too! Viewers vote on new winners each week.

Bissell pet vacuumThe Grand Prize includes $10,000 plus a Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Pet vacuum. On top of that, your pet’s picture will also appear on the Lift-Off Revolution Pet Vacuum packaging – and the winning video will be featured on AnimalPlanet.com.

Start videotaping today!

The Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Pet vacuum represents the next generation of vacuums made especially for pet owners. It combines powerful suction with a unique Pet Hair TurboBrush that features rubber “fingers” that pick up pet hair like a magnet.

Since the Revolution Pet vacuum is bagless, you’ll never again have to buy or replace a vacuum bag! Also, the canister completely detaches from the vacuum so that you can easily carry it up the stairs or to your automobile.

Bissell Revolution Pet Vacuums
To keep your air clean, a post-motor HEPA filter ensures that dust and pet dander aren’t returned to the environment. If you have pet hair issues or pet allergies, the Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Pet vacuum will make your life easier and healthier.

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