Canada Bans Gender-Bending Baby Bottles

Health officials in Canada have classified bisphenol A (BPA) as toxic. The chemical, added to plastics, mimics estrogen and has been linked to birth defects in boys, heart disease in adults, and lower sperm counts and breast cancer in mammals.

Canada is the first country to classify this chemical as dangerous, citing concerns that the chemical can migrate into food and beverages, and that it’s particularly dangerous to newborns and infants. Baby bottles often contain BPA to help harden the plastic.

In the United States, use of the chemical is still widespread, but some states are considering restricting its use.

BPA has been found in bottled water, too. To avoid ingesting BPA, do not drink from plastic bottles; instead of buying bottled water, filter your water using a water purifier. Whenever possible, avoid eating and drinking from plastic containers.

To learn more, see Toxic BPA Found in Bodies of Nearly All Americans.

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