Teach Children to Use Asthma Inhalers Properly

2008 is almost over! This is an important time for asthma awareness. If your child has asthma, by the end of the year, his or her inhaler will be replaced with a new one (if it hasn’t already been replaced). HFA (hydrofluoroalkane) inhalers will replace traditional CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) inhalers because the use of CFC inhalers releases greenhouse gases that may damage the ozone layer.

But the new eco-friendly inhalers are a bit different, and you should make sure that your child is aware of the differences.

Speaking to Pioneer Local, Maureen Damitz of the Health Association of Chicago said, “While HFA inhalers contain the same medications, they need different care and if not used and prepped properly a child may not get a proper dose of their medication. Parents, teachers and all childcare providers need to be aware of the differences.”

HFA inhalers require priming before use, and they need to be cleaned carefully each week because they tend to clog easier.

“HFA inhalers deliver a softer mist and have a smaller particle size which allows deeper penetration into the airways, giving people better asthma relief. All people with asthma –especially children – need to learn how to use these inhalers,” said Damitz.

Talk to your doctor and pharmacist about how to properly use these new inhalers.

You can also reduce asthma symptoms by keep your environment clean of triggers. See Children and Asthma to learn more.

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