Chlordane – The Pesticide That Won’t Go Away

Toxicologist Dr. Richard Cassidy of says that over 30 million homes built before 1988 were treated with the insecticide chlordane. Chlordane is still in the dirt under these homes, off-gassing at a constant rate.

When people inhale chemical vapors from chlordane, the liver convertsthem into potent carcinogens and toxins like oxychlordane, heptachlor, epoxide and dieldrin. These toxins get stored in fat cells in the body.

When fat cells burn, chlordane compounds enter the bloodstream and act as hormone disruptors. Chlordane may cause chronic inflammation, anxiety, depression, and behavioral, cognitive, and memory deficits. Chlordane compounds have also been linked to increased rates of cancer.

A series of tests in 2003 found toxic levels of chlordane in the indoor air of 50 to 60 percent of homes tested.

There are two ways to eliminate harmful chlordane vapors: First, make sure your home is well ventilated – especially the basement. (Until it was banned in 1988, chlordane was applied to the soil under concrete slabs during home construction.)

air purifiers for chemicalsAir purifiers containing activated carbon will also filter out the chemical vapors. For more information, see Air Purifiers with Activated Carbon.

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