Choosing a Personal Fan for the Office

Keep Your Office Space Comfortable with a FanPrior to finding my home at Sylvane, I have worked in lots of business environments—from small start-up companies to large corporate offices. While my experiences at these companies vary widely, there was one constant—employees always had different opinions regarding a comfortable office temperature.

People on the cold end of the temperature spectrum can typically keep a sweater at work or use a personal heater to achieve a more comfortable work environment. However, if your work area is too warm, this can be a difficult situation. One of the best remedies for this situation is a personal fan.

However, before you bring your trusty box fan from college to work, take these suggestions into consideration. First, how much space do you actually have? Vornado 270 Air CirculatorIf you work in a small cube, a table fan is probably your best bet, since these fans are effective on your desk or on the floor. For example, the Vornado 270 (formerly known as the V102), requires under 1 square foot of space. Its modern, low-profile design is simple to operate, looks great, and provides high-performance cooling using Vornado’s vortex air circulation technology.

Sunpentown SPT SF-1521 Remoted Controlled Tower Fan with IonizerIf you have a little more space or need a fan that fits discreetly in a corner, a tower fan is a great solution for cooling your office space. These fans feature an unobtrusive, upright design that allows them to fit easily into tight spaces or against walls. The Sunpentown SF-1521 provides 70-degrees of oscillation to effectively distribute air throughout your space and three powerful fan speeds to keep you cool.

Another major consideration for office environments is noise. In your quest to stay comfortable and productive at work without disturbing your colleagues, a noisy fan is the last thing you need. Like any other fan-based appliance, you can expect a little noise. Vornado Flippi V FanHowever, many manufacturers, like Sunpentown and Vornado, have taken this into consideration and are creating ultra-quiet fans. The Vornado Flippi V has gotten rave reviews for its cool flip-down design that allows easy storage at your desk as well as for its whisper-quiet operation. Most users agree that on the low fan setting, the Flippi V is virtually silent, and many others attest that on the high fan setting only a low hum is audible.

One more consideration is user-friendliness. For example, the Sunpentown SF-1520 is packed with features that make operating it simple and hassle-free. Sunpentown SPT SF-1520 LCD Tower Fan with IonizerThese features include remote control operation, an ionizer to eliminate unwanted office odors in your area, an 8-hour programmable timer so that it stops working when you do, and even a convenient carrying handle in case you move to a new space. While this might seem like a little much for a simple office fan, it will definitely pay off when you don’t have to spend unnecessary time adjusting your fan settings.

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