Climate Change Making Allergies Worse

Is it just me, or does this fall allergy season seem especially harsh?

It turns out that this season may be worse than previous allergy seasons because of climate change.

As reported on this ABC News video, experts say that allergy symptoms are getting worse and lasting longer. As the planet gets warmer, weeds grow faster and produce more pollen. Allergy seasons will last longer, too.

This month’s issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology states that there is a “direct link between climate change and the growth of weeds that cause allergies.”

Ragweed in particular – the most common cause of hay fever – shows a strong response to climate change. This is not good news since three-quarters of allergy sufferers are allergic to ragweed! Allergists report an epidemic of new patients with allergies, and they expect the trend to only get worse.

WebMD points out that global warming will make asthma worse, too. Higher temperatures will lead to more ozone, more smog, more wildfires, and poorer air quality in general.

See Global Warming May Worsen Fall Allergies to learn more.

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