Condensation on Windows – Not A Good Sign

I recently moved, and I’ve noticed some condensation on windows in my new place. This concerns me because it’s a sure sign of excess humidity.

When indoor humidity is too high, water droplets typically show up on windows since the glass is cooler than the air; when warm, humid air touches a window, the air cools down and releases moisture – condensation.

High humidity sets the stage for the growth of mold and dust mites, and it can also damage household materials. Since I have allergies, I like to keep the humidity under control. We recommend that you keep the relative humidity below 50% to prevent household allergens from flourishing.

How to Reduce Humidity in Your Home

You can control humidity by controlling the source of moisture, improving ventilation, and directly removing moisture from the air with a dehumidifier.

Control Sources of Moisture

Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are sources of moisture. If you have exhaust fans, use them when you’re cooking and showering. In the laundry room, make sure that your dryer is properly vented to the outside. If you have a crawlspace, place plastic vapor barriers over any exposed dirt. Clean up spills and leaks immediately.

Improve Ventilation

Be sure that vents in your attic, basment, and crawlspace are open and unobstructed. Make sure that all AC vents are open, too – and you might want to try cranking up the AC since cooler air holds less moisture. If possible, open doors and windows and air out your house for a few minutes a day.

Dehumidify the Air

Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air. They collect the moisture in a bucket, and most come with drain hoses so that you don’t have to manually empty the bucket. A quality dehumidifier is the best way to combat high humidity in the home.

Santa Fe Compact DehumidifierIf I had a larger home (and a bigger budget), I would choose the best home dehumidifier: the Santa Fe Compact Dehumdifier. This small, energy efficient dehumidifier packs a powerful punch, and it filters the air, too.

Comfort-Aire 30-pint dehumidifierHowever, since I have a fairly small home (and condensation is appearing in just one room), I’ll most likely purchase a smaller, less powerful, and lower-priced dehumidifier – like the ComfortAire 30-pint dehumidifier.

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