Construction Sites Pose Health Hazards for Those Nearby

If you live or work near a construction site, your health may be at risk – even if you never enter the “hard hat zone.”

Construction dust pollutes the air surrounding the site, and the increase in diesel traffic to construction sites further deteriorates air quality. Children living near such pollution face an increased risk of asthma.

Construction dust is often more harmful than average household dust because it may contain substances like asbestos, synthetic mineral fibers, cement residue, and saw dust; therefore, it often causes more severe allergies.

Furthermore, heavy metals and other chemicals from the construction site can easily contaminate surrounding soil and water.

If you live or work near a construction site, following these tips to minimize health hazards:

Avoid walking near the site during construction hours; if you must, wear a mask.

Wash your hands once you get indoors.

air cleanersPlace an air cleaner in your bedroom or office to filter out construction dust.

water purifiersInstall a water purifier to filter out contaminants.

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