Consumer Reports’ Best Vacuum Buys

Best Vacuum BuysWith a home occupied by two dogs, carpet, and loads of potential allergy triggers, I am always on the lookout for a great vacuum. For their March issue, Consumer Reports tested and rated 67 different vacuum cleaners. Two upright vacuum cleaners offered by Sylvane were chosen as CR Best Buys and an Electrolux canister vacuum ranked among the top five for canister vacuum cleaners.

Vacuums were compared and ranked among similar models based on price, weight, replacement bag costs, and overall score. The ratings also figured in test results based on carpet cleaning, bare floor cleaning, total airflow, noise, emissions, handling, and pet hair removal.

The Eureka Boss Smart Vac 4870 and the Eureka Comfort Clean Oh! 4235 both received the distinction of CR Best Buy for offering “the best blend of performance and price.”

Available in radiant red and sunflower yellow, the Boss 4870 is a powerful upright vacuum and greatEureka Smart Vac 4870 choice for pet owners or allergy-sufferers, as well as those who demand spotless floors. This allergy vacuum features a sealed HEPA filtration system, which captures up to 99.97% of particles including dust, pet dander, pollen, dust mite feces, and other common allergens. Plus, a sealed filtration system ensures that dirty air cannot escape the filter and return to your environment.

Another great feature of the Boss 4870 is the motorized brushroll. The powerful on/off brushroll received an excellent rating in Consumer Reports tests for removing pet hair. The deluxe bare floor brushes were also rated excellent. Effortlessly removing dust and debris, Eureka designed these brushes to clean and protect sealed hardwoods as well as tile.

Eureka Comfort Clean Oh! Also rated a CR Best Buy, the Eureka Comfort Clean Oh! is a great solution for anyone wanting an effective bagless vacuum at a great price. Priced at around $140, the Comfort Clean Oh! features Whirlwind Cyclonic technology to maintain suction power longer, a telescopic wand, and a 25-foot power cord with automatic cord rewind. This HEPA vacuum also comes with a flip-bottom dust cup to make clean-up even simpler. When the canister is full, just press a button and the bottom of the canister opens to release the dirt and debris.

Electrolux EL7020B Oxygen 3 Ultra Vacuum CleanerOf the canister vacuums tested, the Electrolux EL7020B Oxygen 3 Ultra Vacuum Cleaner was ranked among the top five, receiving excellent ratings for both bare floor cleaning and emissions. This allergy-friendly canister vacuum comes with an effective HEPA filter as well as Electrolux MicroSeal Fresh technology, which traps dust and allergens inside the vacuum — and away from your home. The Oxygen 3 also comes equipped with the popular Quiet Clean powerhead to reduce noise and Optimum Sensor technology, which monitors your vacuum’s performance to ensure peak efficiency.

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