Danby DDR5009REE Dehumidifier Review

Danby DDR5009REE DehumidifierWorking in accounting here at Sylvane, I don’t always have the opportunity to get a closer look at our products and get a feel for how they work in real-life situations. But this is exactly what happened when I needed a dehumidifier to help clean-up after a recent indoor flood on my rental property. On the recommendation of our sales manager, I decided to purchase a Danby dehumidifier.

I own a 1,150-square-foot house that is rented out. My tenant had only been in the house for a week when I received a call that the water pipe connected to the master bathroom toilet had been leaking for hours—perhaps even days. As a result, all three bedrooms in the house were flooded.  It’s a ranch-style house on concrete slab, so the water had nowhere to go but deep into my carpets. I needed a solution that would dry the area fast and restore the house back to good condition for my tenant.

After speaking with our knowledgeable sales manager Doug, he recommended the Danby DDR5009REE Dehumidifier based on the size of my space, the unit’s high water removal efficiency, the many positive customer reviews, and Danby’s reliable warranty coverage.  I decided to give it a try.

Once I brought the dehumidifier home, I was able to unpack it and set it up to begin dehumidifying in less than 5 minutes.  Following setup, I ran the dehumidifier continuously for three full days to dry the area and lower my humidity. I was floored when the unit was able to extract more than 20 gallons of water total without any problems. After just 36 hours, the affected areas in my house were bone dry.

For 15 years, I owned a similar-size dehumidifier with the same capacity that I purchased from a local big box store. Since my first day of using it, the dehumidifier extracted just one-third of the amount of water that the Danby DDR5009REE removed. The Danby unit certainly beat my older dehumidifier in removal efficiency plus it’s more compact, lighter, and easier to move from space to space.

Although I purchased the Danby DDR5009REE 50-Pint Dehumidifier to solve a one-time issue, I plan to use the machine in my home during the hot summer months to help supplement my cooling system. I recommend this model to anyone in need of an energy-efficient, high-capacity residential dehumidifier for one-time or year-round use.

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