DeLonghi Ceramic Heater Reviews

DeLonghi ceramic heaterIf you’re looking for a small, safe, reliable space heater that evenly heats a room, then you’ll love the ceramic space heaters from DeLonghi. These value-priced heaters oscillate from left to right and feature electronic control panels as well as tip-over and overheat protection.

How do ceramic heaters work?

Ceramic heaters contain ceramic plates and aluminum baffling. Electricity heats up the ceramic plates. The heat is then absorbed by the aluminum and blown into the room with a fan. Ceramic heaters are small and portable, and even though they heat up quickly, their plastic encasings remain cool to the touch.

DeLonghi TCH8590ER space heaterThe DeLonghi TCH8590ER ceramic tower heater has a beautiful, sleek design that takes up very little space. It swivels to maximize heating capacity and spread the warmth evenly. It also features three programmable operating modes, a digital display that shows you the temperature, and a remote control for your convenience.

The anti-freeze mode maintains temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent pipes and other objects from freezing. Some people use the anti-freeze mode to protect pipes in basements and other rooms that tend to get colder. The DeLonghi TCH8590ER also has a fan-only mode that you can use for cooling during the summer.

Automatic shut-off protects the heater from over-heating – and it also automatically shuts off if it’s accidentally knocked over. This is one of the safest space heaters on the market.

DeLonghi TCH7590ER heaterThe DeLonghi TCH7590ER ceramic heater comes with all the same great features in a slightly smaller package. The TCH7590ER is 30 inches tall, while the TCH8590ER is 34 inches tall.

DeLonghi DCH459ER heaterThe DeLonghi DCH459ER ceramic heater is the smallest and lightest in its class. At just 13 inches high, it is not a tower heater like the others, but it features the same sleek design, and it also swivels to evenly spread the heat. The DCH459ER is ideal for placement under your desk at work, or in chilly bathrooms. (The larger tower heaters work well in living rooms and bedrooms.)

Note that these ceramic heaters are not completely silent; their fans do produce some background noise – but it’s no louder than the white noise produced by other fans.

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