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DeLonghi Mica HeatersI don’t always agree with reviews from ConsumerSearch, but in this case, I agree that the DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater deserves the title of best space heater. This sleek, lightweight heater uses the mineral mica as a heating element, and it’s the best option for heating a room evenly, quickly, and safely.

The mica panel convection heater takes up very little space; you can place it on the ground or even mount it on a wall. Built-in handles make it easy to move. You don’t have to worry about safety issues, as the heater automatically shuts off if it gets too hot or if it gets knocked over. Because of its unique splash guard, the DeLonghi mica heater is ideal for use in bathrooms, where other heaters would pose safety hazards. I also appreciate the fact that its operation is completely silent. If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, long-lasting space heater, this is your best option.

DeLonghi Ceramic HeatersDeLonghi also manufactures other top-of-the-line heaters using different types of technologies. The DeLonghi ceramic heater, for instance, provides superb directional heating. It oscillates from left to right to distribute the heat with a fan. During the summer, you can turn off the heat and use the heater as a fan. A remote control allows you to adjust settings and program the heater according to your preferences. The DeLonghi ceramic heater is perfect for use in offices.

DeLonghi SolarisOil-filled radiator heaters from DeLonghi include the DeLonghi Vento heater, which heats up to 40% faster than conventional radiator heaters; the DeLonghi TRD0715T heater with a programmable timer; and the DeLonghi ComforTemp heater with energy efficiency and a value price. The DeLonghi Solaris features a special GFI power plug and rust-resistant construction, making it ideal for use in the bathroom. All DeLonghi oil-filled heaters can warm up medium to large size rooms and help you save money on your power bill; they also come standard with automatic shut-off for safety.

DeLonghi Utility Heaters For smaller spaces like garages and workshops, see the DeLonghi utility heater. This sturdy, all-metal heater stands up to heavy-duty work environments. A convenient handle makes it easy to carry, and its streamlined design is both futuristic and evocative of vintage machinery.

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    I had a quartz radiant heater before I bought this one and I expected the same results, but this heater gives out most of its heat through the top and therefore heats the room instead of what’s in front of it.

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