DeLonghi Vento TRV0715T Heater Review

DeLonghi Vento HeatersThe DeLonghi TRV0715T Vento heater is, in my opinion, the best oil-filled radiator heater on the market. It’s also our best-selling heater so far this season because of its value price and its ability to heat a room 40% faster than traditional oil-filled radiator heaters.

Thanks to its improved airflow design, heated air rises faster when leaving the narrowed top of the enclosed fins; the TRV0715T not only heats a room faster but also provides hotter air than the typical oil-filled radiator.

DeLonghi Vento Venturi Effect The energy efficient DeLonghi Vento gets the most out of the Venturi effect. Named for Italian physicist G.B. Venturi, the Venturi effect refers to the increased velocity of a fluid when it flows through a narrowed tube. Have you ever noticed that the wind blows harder when it passes between large buildings or mountain passes? That’s due to the Venturi effect – and the Vento employs this effect to heat your indoor environment as quickly as possible.

The DeLonghi TRV0715T is filled with diathermic oil, but don’t worry: it’s permanently sealed, which means that it will never leak, and you’ll never have to refill it. With a programmable timer, automatic thermostat, snap-in casters, and multiple heat settings, this space heater is as convenient as they come. It also features an anti-freeze setting that automatically switches the heater on when the temperature drops below 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, overheat protection switches the unit off if it gets too hot.

All these convenient features make the DeLonghi Vento easy to use, but customers love it primarily because it outperforms other heaters in its price range. When people need heat, they need it fast! Five out of five stars for this innovative space heater (and special thanks to G.B. Venturi).

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