Do I Really Need to Buy New Air Purifier Filters?

If you have an air purifier, clean air is important to you. But maybe not so important that you feel compelled to buy new filters every 6 months, or whatever the manufacturer recommends. No big deal, right? It still cleans the air, doesn’t it?

I pondered this question as my boyfriend sneezed and sniffled on my couch for what felt like years. Spring allergy season is here, my friends. The time of year when allergy-sufferers and people close to them are willing to try anything to find a sneeze-less moment of peace. At my house, that means:

  • Running an air purifier constantly
  • Showering immediately upon entering the house
  • Closing all doors and windows (even when the sunshine beckons)
  • Drugs, drugs, and more drugs
  • Eating raw honey to desensitize pollen allergies

But one thing we tend to avoid is spending money. Unless there is an obvious benefit, shelling out cash to relieve allergy symptoms is the last thing we’re willing to do.

So I started wondering…what if there is a benefit to changing my air filters? What if I’m living in unnecessary filthy air?

This video covers my super-scientific experiment, testing the hypothesis that changing the filters in my air purifier would actually help it clean my air more effectively. I think you’ll be surprised by the results. I know I was.

Video Transcript:

Hey guys! It’s Allison with Sylvane, and I’m about to change the filters in my air purifier to see if it actually makes a difference in improving my air quality. I have the Oransi v-hepa Finn air purifier, and I haven’t changed the filters in probably a year and a half — and I run my air purifier every day, so they were getting pretty gross. So with spring allergy season coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to see if that was keeping the unit from actually running properly. I think you’re gonna be surprised at what I found.

Before I changed my filters, I sprayed some body mist. Then I let the air purifier run for 5 minutes. Using my handy little particle counter, I can instantly see how that affects my air quality. It shows the number of large particles and small particles floating in your air per cubic foot, and a chart on the back shows you what that means. So you can see that spraying the mist took the small particles in my air from below 100 to about 160.

In 5 minutes, my old filters removed some of the particles from the body spray, but not very many.

Then I opened up my unit and replaced the old filters with the clean new ones. Gosh, look at the difference!

Then I did the same spray test. This time, the number of small particles went up to about 216…and after 5 minutes, it dropped down to 88. That’s even lower than before I sprayed the mist!

And that’s only 5 minutes…Just imagine what it can do when you run it all day.

Now, for those of you who that “washable” air filters, you might think that means you never have to replace them. But really, it just means you can wash them in between replacements, when they get really gross like mine were. You’ll still want to replace them as frequently as the manufacturer recommends. The reason for this is, it just keeps your air purifier running as well as it has from day one. I’ll show you what I mean.

I vacuumed my old gross filters, re-installed them, and did the spray test again. That helped remove a few more particles than before I vacuumed the filters..but it didn’t come close to the results I saw with the brand new ones.

I hope this video answered some of your questions about the importance of changing your air filters regularly. If you have any questions or to share your filter replacement stories, drop us a note in the comments section below, or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus. To find new filters for your air purifier, just go to, open the air purifier filters section, and enter your brand & model number. It’s easy as that!

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