Do-It-Yourself Mold Removal

Removing Bathroom MoldOn August 2, NBC’s Today Show aired a great segment on finding and removing mold from your home with advice from the DIY Network’s John DeSilvia. In the segment, DeSilvia points out that summer time is peak season for mold growth, which can cause a variety of health issues including respiratory problems and allergy flare-ups.

Mold Test KitDeSilvia suggests looking for leaky pipes, condensation, and other wet or humid areas inside your home to determine if there is a mold problem. If you don’t see any potentially damp areas or actual mold but still think you may have a problem, consider purchasing a Mold Test Kit or a Toxic Mold Test Kit. Both of these do-it-yourself test kits will provide a comprehensive analysis of mold in your home. Plus, all the materials you will need and the lab fees are included in the cost of the kit.

Danby DDR6009REE DehumidifierTo keep your basement, laundry room, or other areas of your home mold-free, DeSilvia recommends using our best-selling Danby DDR6009REE dehumidifier. This compact, Energy Star-rated Danby dehumidifier effortlessly removes up to 60 pints of excess moisture each day from large- to medium-sized spaces.

Check out the entire segment for all of DeSilvia’s tips and advice to keep your home comfortable and safeguarded against mold and moisture problems.

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