Dyson Bladeless Fans Offer a New Way to Cool

Dyson AM01Earlier this month, we expressed great excitement over the recent addition of two new product lines to the Sylvane catalog, including Dyson air multiplier fans. Now that we’re halfway through the first week of summer, it’s the perfect time to test these high-tech fans out.

Since revolutionizing the way we clean our homes with the Dyson vacuum cleaner, Dyson has led the appliance industry in technology and innovation. After seeing their latest product launch up close and personal, let me be the first to say Dyson air multipliers are no exception. Be prepared to throw everything you thought you knew about fans out of the window.

The first thing you’ll notice about Dyson air multipliers is that they have no fan blades— a great benefit for asthma- and allergy-sufferers.

Traditional fans provide a direct stream of air by circulating built-in blades. While these spinning blades help to ventilate your space, they can also distribute dust back into your environment.

Dyson AM02Instead of dust-collecting fan blades, these unique air circulators use advanced technology to deliver a refreshing breeze of cool air. Using Air Multiplier technology, the Dyson bladeless fan pulls in surrounding air and expands that air from 15 to 18 times.

On a standard fan, air has to channel through blades and the fan grill, making the air choppy and uneven. However, the Dyson fan propels air forward through an airfoil-shaped ramp, creating a smooth stream of cool air.

Every second, the motor at the base of the fan processes over 5 gallons of air, amplifying it and the surrounding air in your space to make you feel instantly cooler. You can’t see where the air is coming from, but you can surely feel it.

Dyson air multiplier fans deliver steady and powerful airflow while conserving energy. In addition to energy-efficient operation, these attractive fans boast lightweight design- the largest model weighs less than 10 pounds.

Featuring three distinct styles, the Dyson air multiplier fan collection offers something for everyone. These fans feature multiple fan speeds, tilt capabilities, and 90-degree oscillation.

The Dyson AM01 Table Fan is great for personal use at your desk, on your bedroom nightstand, or on a kitchen countertop. This compact portable fan is a perfect companion for a pleasant day out on your patio or a summer barbecue on your deck.

In the tower fan category, Dyson offers the Dyson AM02 Tower Fan, which features a remote control and a sleek silver finish. Dyson tower fans are ideal for larger spaces like bedrooms and living areas.

Dyson AM03Adding to the benefits of the AM02 model, the Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan is equipped with a remote control and adjustable height settings. The largest model in the Dyson fan lineup, the pedestal fan stands nearly 5 feet tall and it packs enough power to cool off the whole family.

The head of a Dyson fan is a loop air multiplier that is extremely easy to clean. Plus, its open circular shape is not only cool to look at, but it’s also safe to touch. (We couldn’t wait to put our arms through the loop— please DO try at home!)

The takeaway: Dyson fans offer a more streamlined cooling method than conventional fans. As soon as I turned on the Dyson AM01 Table Fan at my cubicle, it was literally like a breath of fresh air. And with all of the stuffiness in the office from this week’s rain, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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