Dyson Vacuum Sale: 20% off Dyson’s New DC65 Line

What’s on the inside matters most–that’s what I’ve always heard. Not that you would know it by looking at Dyson vacuums, which look more like gadgets than vacuum cleaners.

ball technologyBut when it came to creating the DC65 vacuums, an update to their popular DC41 line, Dyson focused on what’s inside their vacuums. So even though they look like past models, they’re even better than ever. Want more good news? We’re offering 20% off all Dyson models during our vacuum sale (using discount code DYSON20)—including the new DC65 models.

Let’s compare their 3 new models and check out what improvements have been made. More information on our vacuum sale can also be found below, which includes 10% off various other vacuum cleaner brands.

DC65 Improvements

  • Updated Floor Tool: The new floor tool offers 25% more power, so it digs deeper into carpets and offers superior cleaning on hard floors.
  • Radial Root Technology: Dyson added 6 more cyclones to their suction system. Now 15—instead of 9— work together to create a tornado-like suction to pull dust and debris directly into the bin.

dyson stairs

Like past Dysons, the DC65 vacuums clean closer to walls than other vacuums, seamlessly adjust to different floor heights, and use HEPA filters to catch up to 99.97% of particles down to .3 microns. They also include Dyson’s Ball technology for more control and easy movement. With a 51-foot cleaning radius, these vacuums clean your entire space in a snap.

dyson-dc65-multi-floor-vacuumDyson DC65 Multi-Floor: The New Standard Upright

The Dyson DC65 Multi-Floor includes all the latest Dyson upgrades to provide the strongest suction ever. It’s easy to maneuver around furniture and only weighs 17 pounds, so you’ll make quick work of virtually any floor surface, including hard floors. When you’re finished vacuuming, its easy-release bin can be emptied directly into your trash. A combination tool is included for cleaning stairs and other tight spaces. Learn more by watching this video:

dyson-dc65-animal-sideDyson DC65 Animal: Outstanding Cleaning Performance

If you’re a pet owner or allergy-sufferer, the Dyson Animal or Dyson Animal Complete is the way to go. Along with the upgraded technology and seamless cleaning of all surfaces, the Dyson DC65 Animal includes HEPA filtration, superior suction, and 2 useful tools specifically for pet owners and allergy-sufferers:

new animal


Dyson DC65 Animal Complete: Superior Whole-House Cleaning

It’s impossible to discuss the Dyson Animal Complete without talking about its value. For about $50 more than the Animal, you receive multiple tools for whole-house cleaning (a nearly $90 value!). It’s also the best option for pet owners or allergy-sufferers thanks to HEPA filtration and multiple cleaning tools. Let this upright clean your carpets, rugs, and hard floors, while its innovative tools handle everything from furniture to dog beds and even above cabinets. The Dyson Animal Complete comes with:

newer animal comp

Other Brands Included in our Vacuum Sale

While these new Dyson models take bagless upright vacuuming to a new level, we have plenty of great brands that may work better for you. In addition to offering 20% off all Dysons (using code DYSON20), our vacuum sale includes 10% off the following brands (using code VAC10):

Have you used one of the new Dyson vacuums? Particularly love another brand we’re discounting? Tell us more in the comments below. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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