Dyson Vacuums, Fans, and Heaters on Sale This Labor Day Weekend

Historically, Labor Day celebrates American workers, but we’re switching it up here at Sylvane by giving our customers great deals! Along with your day off on Monday, enjoy discounts on some of our most popular brands and products—including Dyson’s top-of-the-line products that are always consumer favorites.

Dyson’s innovative technological enhancements and long-lasting designs have made their products widely popular with consumers around the world. Vacuums have become their “bread and butter” items, but Dyson fans and heaters are just as impressive. Keep reading to check out the Dyson products you can save on this Labor Day weekend:

Dyson Fans

As I mentioned, it’s Dyson’s innovative technology that separates them from the rest. Their bladeless fan technology multiplies air and pushes it directly into your environment. The lightweight design delivers a powerful, smooth airflow, makes maintenance simple, and offers 90-degree oscillation.

 Dyson AM01 Table FanOur versatile offering of Dyson fans include table fans for cubicles, large fans for rooms, and even fans made for outdoor spaces. We’re offering up to $100 off these unique fans through September 8. Click through our Dyson fans and air circulators and save up to $100 today!

Dyson Vacuums

 Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Turbinehead VacuumDyson’s canister vacuums have changed the way we clean our homes. Whether you’re looking for the new, lightweight vacuums or you simply want an upright, you’ll receive a Visa gift card worth up to $50 by purchasing one over Labor Day weekend. Dyson’s ball technology and advanced HEPA filtration keeps your home clean and allergen-free. These bagless vacuums make cleaning any surface in your home simple, so be sure to view our selection of Dyson vacuums this weekend.

Dyson Heaters

We may not want to admit it, but winter is right around the corner. Designed for safe heating, Dyson heater fans pull in cool air, heat it, and amplify it before dispersing the warm air around your home. The heaters feature programmable thermostats, automatic oscillation, and multiple heat settings. Many of them can heat bedrooms, offices, and living rooms during winter and also act as fans to cool those same areas during warmer conditioners. Our selection of Dyson heater fans are $50 off through September 8. It’s a perfect time to prepare for cool weather, so check out Sylvane’s heaters now!

Dyson products combine superior features, design, and technology, and we’re excited to offer you these deals. And with the holiday season right around the corner, you can spend some of the money you save on gifts—for yourself! Check out all of our Labor Day deals and save money on some great products! We wish you all a happy, clean, and comfortable Labor Day weekend!

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