Electric Fireplaces Provide Warmth and Ambiance

Southern Enterprises Marquis Electric FireplaceFor many of us, the chill of winter makes us long for the snap, crackle, and pop of a cozy fire. However, installing a fireplace in our homes isn’t always an option due to financial reasons or property constraints (i.e., condos and apartments). Luckily, Sylvane has the next best thing (which, in some cases, may be even better). This week, we added a group of stylish and economical electric fireplaces to our extensive collection of portable heaters.

Electric fireplaces, like those manufactured by Southern Enterprises, are quickly becoming safer, low-hassle alternatives to built-in fireplaces. With traditional fireplaces, you have to consider what type of fireplace and features you want, where it will fit in your home, who will install it (Will you install it yourself or hire contractors?)—plus, you may need a building permit, which could take weeks to get!

Electric fireplaces don’t require extensive planning or any construction at all. Just remove it from the package, plug it into an electrical outlet, and turn it on. Voila! You’ve got a room filled with the rustic charm of a roaring fire. Since electric fireplaces are space heaters as well, they fill your room with the warmth of a fire more efficiently and without the hazards associated with wood-burning fireplaces.

Moreover, the use of electric light to create the flame means that there is no danger from stray ashes and no pollutants affecting your indoor air quality. The electric flame also keeps the fireplace cool to the touch, protecting children and pets.

DeLonghi SFG1031 Electric HeaterUltimately, the hardest part about purchasing an electric fireplace is choosing one. These heaters are available in a variety of designs, from contemporary to ornate to traditional. The Southern Enterprises Kendall Electric Fireplace includes bookcases, which brings an air of distinction and additional storage to any room. You can add the antique quality of a stove heater to your room with the DeLonghi SFG1031 Solid-Steel Electric Stove Heater. With its controls hidden behind the front door, even antique aficionados will do a double take at this vintage-inspired unit.

Along with these designs, you can choose from multiple finishes, such as antique white, mahogany, oak, and black. With prices starting below $200, it’s easy to give any room in your house an instant facelift with the timeless look of a fireplace.

So this winter season, don’t just reminisce about great times spent by a fire; experience them again with an electric fireplace. Only this time, you don’t have to stoke it, clean it, or even worry about it. Just plug it in, nestle in your favorite spot, and enjoy the comfortable warmth emanating from your fireplace.

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