Top Environmental Control Products for Allergy Relief

Allergy medication can be an effective treatment for allergies, but it’s not the only treatment option available. Some people choose to receive allergy shots (immunotherapy); for many, these shots decrease their sensitivity to certain allergens. (I received allergy shots for mold and grass pollen nearly 20 years ago, and the shots worked well, but now I’m allergic to cat dander!)

The most effective treatment for allergies is environmental control. In a nutshell, if you can control the allergens in your environment, then your allergy symptoms will fade away. Environmental control is also cost-effective, and there are no side effects.

Let’s take a look at the top products for the environmental control of allergens:

CottonFresh bed coversAllergy Bedding – If you have allergies, you should initially focus on controlling allergens in your bedroom since that’s where you spend a third of your life. Allergy bedding can be either hypoallergenic or anti-allergenic. Hypoallergenic products are made with materials that are less likely to cause allergies. Anti-allergenic products, on the other hand, actually reduce allergens in the environment. CottonFresh bedding covers, for example, zip up to form a barrier around pillows and mattress. Dust mites and other allergens cannot penetrate this barrier.

Air Purifiers for AllergiesAir Purifiers for Allergy Relief – Air purifiers reduce allergens in the air. Most air purifiers effectively eliminate the most problematic indoor allergens: dust mite allergen, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander. If you have allergies, we recommend an air purifier with a HEPA filter or its equivalent. HEPA filters are guaranteed to capture 99.97% of household allergens.

Vaccums for AllergiesVacuums – If you don’t vacuum regularly, your carpet can easily turn into a microcosmic jungle of allergens and germs. Most airborne particles eventually settle into the carpet, so there’s plenty of organic material to feed dust mites and mold. If you have allergies, select a vacuum with a HEPA filter or its equivalent. When you use a vacuum with a filter that’s unable to capture allergens, you’re simply stirring up the allergens every time you vacuum.

Dehumidifiers for AllergiesDehumidifiers – Dehumidifiers remove water vapor from the air. Humidity control is a key component of environmental control because dust mites and mold cannot survive when the relative humidity drops below a certain point. Keep your home’s humidity below 50 percent to stifle the growth of mold and dust mites.

Since my main problem is cat dander allergy, I regularly use three out of the four products above. I have allergy bedding, a HEPA air purifier, and a HEPA vacuum, and they certainly help out with my cat allergy problems. I also try to avoid touching the cats (when I do, I quickly wash my hands), and I keep the cats out of my bedroom. Using these environmental control methods, I’m able to virtually eliminate my allergy symptoms without paying for expensive pharmaceuticals.

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