Essick Air Humidifiers Review

The weather is just beginning to get cooler, and big box stores are already lining their shelves with humidifiers. These machines not only soothe dry skin and dry sinuses, but they also make winter air feel warmer and more comfortable (which saves money on heating bills). The problem with many of the inexpensive humidifiers in big box stores is that they emit “white dust” into the air; this dust comes from minerals in the water. Essick Air humidifiers, on the other hand, do not produce white dust because of their patented evaporative technology.

Essick Air humidifiers (formerly known as Bemis humidifiers) contain a wick that allows the water to naturally evaporate into the air. A wick filter retains any minerals in the water so that only pure water vapor goes into your air.

Essick Air Credenza humidifiersAs an allergy sufferer, I prefer humidifiers with built-in air filters. My personal favorite is the Essick Air Credenza style humidifier. This model contains a two-stage air purifying filter that captures allergens and germs. As a wooden console unit, the whole house humidifier also looks great in any home. It humidifies up to 2500 square feet, and with a large 5.2 gallon tank, it’s easy to maintain. A built-in automatic humidistat senses when the air is too dry and turns the humidifier on or off accordingly.

For larger homes, the Essick Air Variable Speed Console humidifier holds 5.5 gallons of water and covers 2700 square feet. Digital controls make it even easier to maintain, and it features the same air filter and automatic humidistat.

Essick Air 427-300 humidifiersFor smaller homes, choose the Essick Air 427-300 humidifier – also a whole house unit with an air filter and automatic humidistat. It has a 5.5 gallon water capacity and humidifies up to 2100 square feet.

Essick Air 3 Speed humidifiersThe Essick Air 3 Speed Console humidifier covers up to 2500 square feet and holds five gallons of water. While this model comes with the wick filter and automatic humidistat, it does not contain an air filter.

Essick Air Space Saver HumidifiersThe Essick Air Space Saver humidifier is a smaller unit that covers 1900 square feet. It does not come with an air filter, but it does have digital controls for easy operation.

All of the above Essick Air humidifiers feature casters so that you can easily roll the unit into a different spot (which is convenient, since these humidifiers get quite heavy when filled with water).

Essick Air Tower HumidifiersThe slim, stylish Essick Air Tower humidifier covers 1300 square feet and takes up minimal space. Digital controls and automatic shut off make operation hassle-free.

Essick Air Mini Console HumidifiersThe Essick Air Mini Console humidifier is the smallest unit that can accommodate an air purifying filter. It humidifies 1100 square feet and features an automatic, digital humidistat.

Essick Air Tabletop HumidifiersFor single rooms, such as a child’s room, select the Essick Air Tabletop humidifier, which covers up to 700 square feet. This compact, digital humidifier makes humidity control simple – and it’s small and light enough to take on trips. It also features a dishwasher safe base to make cleaning easy.

As you enjoy the benefits of your humidifier this winter, don’t forget to clean it properly; otherwise, germs may begin to grow. See How to Clean Humidifiers for more information.

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