Fanatical about Fans!

vornado-tvh500-blk-lifestylWith morning temperatures registering at nearly 76 degrees F, there is no doubt that summer is officially here. While I am happy for the sunny, outdoor weather, I also live in a renovated bungalow that was originally built in the 1950s. Needless to say, uneven cooling throughout my otherwise-adorable home is a well-known problem, along with electric bills that rival the thermometer in terms of scary heights.

Like many who choose the charm of an older home, I’ve had to get creative with my cooling decisions to keep power bills within reason while, of course, maintaining a cool environment. Using fans to supplement my air conditioning has become my starting point for creating a comfortable home during the dog days of summer. In fact, Bob Vila points out that air conditioners not only account for roughly 25% of a home’s electricity costs, they also cost as much as 36 cents per hour to operate. Fans, on the other hand, only cost about a penny for the same operating time (when used on medium speed.)

One useful way I incorporate fans into my cooling routine is by relying on ceiling fans to primarily keep my home comfortable when I’m away from the house for extended amounts of time, such as work. If you have a digital thermostat, you can easily automate this process by setting your air conditioner to adjust to a higher temperature during your work hours and programming it to lower the temperature after work.

dyson-am01-table-fan-mdIf you’re like me, then cool air is a must-have for sound sleep. In addition to storing my heavy winter comforter in favor of a lighter one, I added a free-standing fan to my bedroom. For practical and aesthetic reasons, I chose the Dyson AM01 Table Fan. This small but mighty fan fits perfectly on my bedroom dresser. Just before I go to sleep, I turn it on and almost immediately my bedroom feels cooler. The bladeless design ensures that a steady, uninterrupted stream of air is consistently circulating throughout my room, and the unique design of this Dyson table fan reduces the amount of dust that fans typically collect due to their blades and grilles. Plus, I can easily move it into the kitchen to avoid sweltering temperatures while I cook.

Given the cost effectiveness of fans, I also decided to add one to my deck, but I decided tojoape-bob-black-md go with a less traditional fan. Instead, I chose the Joape Bob Misting Table Fan. This fan disperses cool air accompanied by a delicate mist. And, did I mention it is exceptionally quiet? Now, if I want to have a summer get-together, my backyard has more in common with a spring-time park than with a noisy airport hangar.

Fans have not only allowed me to keep my entire home cooler, they have also helped me save on hefty summer electricity bills. Do you use fans in addition to your air conditioner? Tell us how fans have improved your summers.

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