February Air Quality Evangelists

February may be a short month, but there was no shortage of intriguing air quality posts! A wide-range of articles from around the world made this month’s Air Quality Evangelists list—and they’re some of our most diverse choices ever. Check out our favorite blog posts and learn a few tips to keep you healthy indoors and out:

The DC Ladies

The DC Ladies BlogA mom and daughter duo runs this lifestyle blog that focuses on various aspects of living in Washington D.C. Their eclectic mix of topics include everything from fashion, food, fitness, kids, green living, and more. In a recent post, the ladies discuss simple, cost-effective ways to improve your indoor air quality.

Winning Post

While some articles about improving your indoor air quality can be boring and/or confusing, this winning post takes an honest look at a few easy ways to improve your indoor air quality. There are immediate and long term effects associated with polluted indoor air; this well-written post offers suggestions that range from removing your shoes to using low-VOC paint. Have you ever considered that taking off your shoes reduces the risk of tracking pesticides into your home? If not, read the rest of their post for even better (and inexpensive) ways to keep your indoor air as clean as possible!

Eco Child’s Play

Most parents are serious about their children’s health, and Eco Child’s Play (ECP) is an entire blog devoted to “green” family life. Jennifer Lance, the founder of ECP, grows her own food and lives in an eco-home built from timber on her land—just 2 ways she tries to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. While you may not be quite as dedicated as Jennifer, you can learn a lot of tips from reading her blog.

Winning Post

Living in a completely “green” home isn’t something everyone can do. We can, however, fill our homes with healthy and eco-friendly items. This post is about making your home as healthy as possible, and offers a few interesting ideas that aren’t difficult (or expensive!) to implement.

For example, cleaning supplies have long been a worry for people, particular parents. Have you ever considered making your own cleaning supplies? I haven’t, but it turns out it’s not that hard! Even easier suggestions like purchasing eco-friendly mattresses, low-VOC paints, and certain types of cookware are all discussed in the post. It looks at indoor air quality differently than many people today; and this post offers great ideas that make “going green” easier than ever.


Treehugger.com is a media outlet dedicated to drive sustainability initiatives in mainstream life. Their green solutions and product information is published in various forms, from blogs to newsletters and even radio interviews. They’re contributors tackle topics like transportation, technology, energy, and more. It’s a popular place for people to learn easy tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle—regardless of where they live in the world.

Winning Post

Dealing with Beijing’s notoriously poor air quality can be tricky, and Matt Hope resorted to creating a “breathing bike.” This bike uses a steampunk-style air filtration system located on the bike rack. This homemade device attaches a mask with air filtration tubes to an IKEA trash can. It may not be the prettiest sight, but his creation is just one (very unique) way people are trying to cope with China’s air.

Until the government is willing to make serious improvements, Chinese air will continue to be an issue, and we may see a lot stranger contraptions than Matt’s bike. Read more about his unique air filtration system in this winning post. You can also see more about his story in the video below.

Our winning topics this month range from taking off your shoes to dealing with dangerous air in China, and we’re so glad people across the globe are focusing on air quality. Check back next month to learn more helpful tips and see what our Air Quality Evangelists are doing to improve lives every day!

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