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Five spots for Fresh Air in Big Cities!

Posted by Tia on June 26th, 2014

One of my favorite things to do on a sunny summer afternoon is to go to the park. There is nothing better than feeling the sun on your face as you hang out in nature and recharge your batteries after a particularly taxing week. Not only are these spots relaxing, the fresh air will be a nice change from poor air quality that normally plague’s big cities. For moms with kids out of school for the summer, going to the park can be the very thing that saves our sanity! Some of America’s big cities have created the most enchanting and creative outdoor public spaces you can imagine. If you are in the vicinity, check out these great American parks:

The High Line in New York City – The High line is an abandoned rail line that was transformed into a public space! The Park runs around Manhattan’s West side and is open to the public from 7 AM to 11 PM. Not only is this a great free space to relax after a hard day at the office, you can’t beat the sweet treats that are offered up and down the rail line by street venders.

Highline Park

Highline Park

Millennium Park in Chicago – Millennium Park is located in the Loop community in Chicago. Opened in 2004, the park has become a haven for members of the Chicago community who enjoy raising their “Art IQ” while they relax. This park has many beautiful pieces of art, and hosts hundreds of events each year, so there is always something there to enjoy.

Sylvane employees in Millenium Park!

Sylvane employees in Millennium Park!

Atlanta Beltline - Another former railway line, the Atlanta Beltline is still in development, but will eventually be 22 miles of footpaths connecting 45 different neighborhoods. Whether you walk, skip, jump, or ride a bike around the Atlanta beltline, you’re sure to return home having relieved any stress you might have had! What’s not to love about leaving the busyness of the traffic behind and relaxing in Atlanta?

Golden Gate Park – Golden Gate Park is the ultimate spot to relax or have a fun adventure on your off day! Located in San Francisco’s backyard, this 1,017 acre park has all that you need to forget you are in the big city. From gardens, lakes and playgrounds – to picnic groves, trails and monuments there is always something to enjoy. Not to mention multiple events that are hosted there regularly. You can get your “relax on”, serve your neighbors as a volunteer, or work out your stress with free Zumba in the park! Either way you will not be disappointed that you visited this wonderful park!

Post Office Square in Boston – This little slice of heaven is perfect for a relaxing lunch break! This little park is located right in the middle of Boston, making it a breeze to make your afternoon getaway. This park has it all from an underground garage to park your car, to seat cushions so that you don’t ruin your business casual clothing!
Whether you are lucky enough to live near these great spaces, or get a chance to travel to experience them this summer, getting out to your local park can be a healthy as well as relaxing way to spend a summer afternoon!

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