Four Apps to Help You Go Green

green energyCell phones have become a crucial part in our everyday life. From keeping us connected to giving us directions to the nearest Starbucks, most Americans couldn’t make it through the day without their handheld best friend.

For almost any problem you encounter, people say “Hey, there’s an App for that!” A few Apps take it to the next level–not only answering questions but helping the environment as well. I love these easy-to-use apps because they help everyday people make a difference in air quality! Here are a few eco-friendly apps worth checking out!

Green Genie

Screenshot of the projects!

This app was rated as the “#1 Green App” by TechCrunch and aims to reduce the carbon footprint of consumers. It provides an assortment of green resources and projects that can easily be implemented by anyone. You can also find good info on green products and companies, the best green sites and even a carbon footprint calculator to measure your success. Users can also submit their ideas and projects as well! So check out this interactive app to see find easy ways to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Green Dictionary

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Sometimes “green” phrases concerning environmental issues can be confusing, so this app offers green terms and definitions for free! Learn these eco definitions by having a user friendly A to Z list and quizzes. Easily learn more about what being “green” really means and test your knowledge on-the-go.


Screenshot of past topics on the EcoChallenge App

This app aims to help create a more sustainable lifestyle. It was created to encourage people to make less of a carbon footprint by shopping for local produce, investing in energy-efficient lighting and offers other simple sustainable solutions.

Every week there are 2 challenges on a new topic to facilitate change in the community and keep your mind on being eco-friendly.  You can also share with your Facebook friends by comparing results. Getting competitive and working towards a better planet at the same time…sounds like fun to me!


Screenshot of the AirNow App showing the Air Quality prediction for the day

Ever been on vacation or in a new place and wondered if the air quality was good? Or thought, “is now a good time to run?” This app is less flashy – but definitely not less useful! See how clean or polluted the outdoor air is in your vicinity by checking out this helpful app. With an easy to understand translation of data using colors and numbers, you can make decisions about your daily activities keeping the air quality in mind.

Do you have any other Apps that you would recommend that deal with Air quality? Comment or share it on Facebook or Twitter!

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