Friedrich Window ACs Garner High Ratings for Performance, Efficiency

Friedrich window air conditionerTired of having to reset the downstairs thermostat every time you want to change the temperature upstairs? (I know I am.) Well, two Friedrich air conditioners have recently been ranked by a reputable consumer agency as the best you can buy—literally. The Friedrich SS08M10 is part of Friedrich’s elite Kühl series of window air conditioners and was rated highly in temperature and noise control, user-friendliness, and brownout resistance. The Friedrich CP06F10 is a compact residential window AC designed to get the job done without sacrificing convenience; it received high marks in quiet performance, efficiency, and brownout resistance.

From the get-go, I have to say the Friedrich SS08M10 is a beautiful product—so much so that it won a Dealer Design Award last year. If you hate that off-white but not-quite-gray tone nearly standard for window ACs, the Kühl series comes in seven different colors with a sleek profile to spice up a room as well as cool it. The LCD display, noted for its ease of use in the ratings, not only dims when the AC is off but can be optimized to show various temperatures, the time, and even function in “nightlight” mode for those of us who never really got over being alone in the dark. The included remote has matching LCD controls, and an optional thermostat can be wired to the AC if you want to change the temperature from afar, cooling down a room before even setting foot in it.

Friedrich SS08M10However, the biggest advantage of the Friedrich SS08 is comfort. The window air conditioner is designed to eliminate instances of metal on metal contact, reducing both noise and vibration; an especially dense insulation and inner steel wall combat outside noise.  The SS08 contains 8 airflow directions to ensure the whole room is cooled instead of just the space in front of the air conditioner, and a 7-day programmable timer can remember up to 4 daily settings. A large fresh air intake and stale air exhaust vent prevents mere recycling of air within the environment and the AC even samples the air to judge correct cooling temperature. Together, these features earned the Friedrich Kühl SS08M10 its superior evaluation in noise and temperature control, falling under the “comfort” criteria of the agency’s ratings.

Both the CP06 and SS08 were commended by the consumer agency for brownout resistance: during a power outage, either model can save your settings and options so you won’t have to remember and manually reset them once the power returns. Other features shared between the air conditioners include a slide-out chassis, washable air filter, optional through-the-wall installation, durable aluminum and steel construction, energy saving modes, and EntryGard anti-intrusion protection. Both models use the eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant and come with impressive Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER) of 10.7 for the CP06 and 11.7 for the SS08.

Friedrich CP06F10Though a smaller, more consumer-oriented product, the Friedrich CP06F10 has a few tricks up its sleeve that even the SS08M10 doesn’t manage, namely a dehumidify-only mode, auto-swing louvers, and the ability to remove a whooping 1.8 pints of moisture from the air every hour. And it weighs almost half as much as the Friedrich Kühl series, meaning you won’t throw out your back just setting it in place. A Money Saver mode only runs the fan when the compressor is set to cool, a 3-speed fan provides additional control over your cooling preferences, and a 12-hour timer helps conserve power by only cooling the room when desired.

The Friedrich Kühl SS08M10 is currently on sale by rebate through the end of this month and the Friedrich CP06F10 is a great value. All in all, both Friedrich window air conditioners emphasize convenience and performance, helping you escape the stifling summer heat we are all too familiar with around this time of year.

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