Full Spectrum Lighting for the Office Environment

Full Spectrum LightingI’m very lucky. I love my job. I love writing about healthy indoor matters and helping people to make healthy choices.

But I haven’t always been so lucky. At some previous jobs, I’ve had to work in cave-like environments, totally cut off from natural sunlight. By the end of the day, after working under eye-straining fluorescent lighting for eight-plus hours, I always had worn-out eyes and a throbbing headache.

I no longer suffer from eye strain or tension headaches, thanks to full spectrum lighting.

Full spectrum lights mimic natural sunlight; that is, they emit a full spectrum of light, just like the sun. These lights have traditionally been used in phototherapy to treat patients with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD, also known as winter depression, is caused by a lack of sunlight. The human body thrives in sunlight, and a lack of sunlight affects brain chemistry, often leading to depression.

Full spectrum lighting is now becoming popular among office managers, too, as a method of increasing productivity. SAD lights don’t create false color tints (like the blue-green tint associated with fluorescent lights), and they significantly reduce eye strain, which is especially helpful to computer workers.

Natural lighting not only eliminates eye strain and headaches, but it also helps to keep employees happy and healthy, especially during the winter months. (Heck, even during the summer months, we office workers tend to get a less-than-optimal daily dose of sunlight!)

If your office is plagued by eye strain, headaches, and malaise or fatigue, then switch to full spectrum lighting. It’s sure to brighten your day!

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