Pure Guardian Humidifiers Complete Your Nursery

Germ Guardian H1500 HumidifierOne device is a mainstay in every nursery—the humidifier. Humidifiers blanket your baby’s nursery with a soothing, delicate mist that helps him or her breathe because adding moisture to your environment helps drain mucus and prevents a stuffy nose or head. That’s why this week’s product spotlight is on the Pure Guardian H1500 Ultrasonic Humidifier.

While many humidifiers can be an eyesore that parents, parents-to-be, and caregivers try to camouflage in their baby’s nursery, this Pure Guardian humidifier features a fun, modern design that blends effortlessly with any décor. Plus, its easy to use manual controls allow you to to turn the humidifier off and on, toggle between warm and cool mist options, and adjust the amount of humidity delivered to your room.

In terms of performance, the Pure Guardian H1500 certainly won’t disappoint you. This humidifier can deliver up to 1.6 gallons of moisture daily to your nursery or any other room. Plus, you won’t need to refill the 1.21-gallon reservoir for up to 55 hours. Since this humidifier uses ultrasonic technology to disperse moisture to your environment, it is virtually silent during operation. This means that the Germ Guardian H1500 delivers all of its moisturizing benefits without disturbing your baby’s sleep.

What about maintenance? Everyone knows that new parents have very little spare time, and that time is best spent relaxing. Luckily, the H1500 humidifier exceptionally easy to maintain. Since Pure Guardian humidifiers don’t use wicks, evaporation pads, or filters, there is nothing to replace. This cuts down on maintenance time and dollars spent. Plus, these ultrasonic humidifiers use Pure Guardian’s Silver Clean technology to ensure that bacteria, mold, and other germs don’t grow in humidifier’s water tank. This means that only the cleanest, healthiest moisture is delivered to your baby. To keep the Pure Guardian H1500 running smooth, simply use the enclosed brush and soft cloth to clean the water reservoir and ultrasonic disk periodically and wipe down the outer surface with a soft cloth as well, when necessary.

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