Pure Guardian Humidifiers Add Moisture, Not Mold, to Your Room

To relieve respiratory problems, sinus irritation, and other uncomfortable symptoms associated with dry air, humidifiers are often a first line of defense. However, did you know that humidifier water tanks can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria? Furthermore, without proper care, your trusty humidifier can actually damage your air quality by circulating these irritants throughout your environment.

That’s why this week’s featured product is the Pure Guardian H4600 Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier. This innovative humidifier makes it easy to keep your room’s air moisturized and free of harmful mold and bacteria using Silver Clean Technology.

Long recognized for its antimicrobial benefits, silver is the key ingredient in Pure Guardian’s Silver Clean Technology. Using micro-sized particles embedded in the water tank, this technology halts the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria on the surface your Pure Guardian H4600’s tank. This process not only extends it the life of your Pure Guardian humidifier, it also means that only the cleanest moisture is dispersed throughout your environment.

In addition to being exceptionally clean, the Pure Guardian H4600 is also easy to maintain and economical since there are no evaporating pads, filters, or wicks to clean or replace. Ultrasonic technology ensures that the humidifier operates almost silently, which makes the H4600 perfect for use in bedrooms. Plus, the 2.4-gallon water tank provides you with up to 120 hours of continuous operation.

For ease of use, the Pure Guardian H4600 can be programmed to turn off and on automatically using convenient digital controls, disperse an ultra-fine warm or cool mist, and even double as an alarm clock. Low water LED indicators light up when water reaches an unsafe level to prevent accidents or harm to the humidifier.

If you’re looking for a portable humidifier, check out Pure Guardian’s H500 Travel Humidifier, which you can take with you just about anywhere.

For more information on maintaining humidifiers, read our helpful Learning Center article Tips for Maintaining Your Humidifier.

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