HEPA Filters Make Healthy Hearts

HEPA air purifiersHealthCentral.com reports that using a high efficiency particle air (HEPA) filter for just two days significantly improves cardiovascular health in elderly individuals.

Particulate matter in the air can lead to cardiovascular problems, possibly by damaging the endothelium (the interior lining of blood vessels).

Dr. Steffen Loft of the Institute of Public Health in Copenhagen said, “Our main finding was a significant improvement in the function of small finger blood vessels after a reduction of indoor air particles. This effect most likely indicates a general improvement in the function of the inner lining of small vessels, including those supplying the heart. This suggests that indoor air filtration represents a feasible means of reducing cardiovascular risk.”

Indeed, when outdoor levels of air pollution increase, the numbers of heart attacks and asthma attacks also increase.

In Dr. Loft’s study, HEPA filtration was associated with an 8.1 percent improvement in individual microvascular function (MVF).

“We expected that removing air particles with the HEPA filters would result in improvement of MVF, but we were heartened and surprised by the extent it did, considering the modest levels of particles in the indoor air of the homes of the elderly,” said Dr. Loft.

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