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If Your Home Floods, Call a Water Damage Professional Immediately

Posted by John on August 17th, 2008

I still clearly remember the day in sixth grade when I got called to the front office. I was wondering if I was in some kind of trouble when the secretary informed me that my mother was on her way to pick me up from school early. I was ecstatic about leaving early – until my mom told me that the bottom level of our house had flooded. My video games were down there!

My video games turned out to be okay, thanks to my fast-acting father. However, the carpet wasn’t so lucky. Instead of calling a water damage restoration professional immediately, my parents did what they could to clear out the lower level of our split-level home and dry things out. Unfortunately, they didn’t act fast enough.

Mold can begin to form within two days of water damage – and it did. Since my video games were in the room that flooded, I clearly remember the pungent odor of mold for weeks after the flood. Ironically, I started receiving allergy shots later that year – and I found out that mold was one of my main allergy triggers.

After the flood, my parents borrowed a couple of air movers (large, powerful fans) and directed them beneath the carpet, which was partially lifted. While the air movers eventually dried out the carpet, the damage had already been done. Mold spores were already in the air. Eventually, the carpet had to be replaced.

If they had called a water damage restoration company as soon as the house flooded, my parents could have saved a lot of money. They always had a do-it-yourself attitude – and I appreciate that now – but this is one instance when you should really call in the pros.

The main reason to call a professional is because they have access to high-end equipment, and they know how to use it. Dri-Eaz, for example, has been manufacturing commercial grade flood pumps, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and moisture meters (protimeters) for over 30 years – all specifically for the restoration industry.

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Don’t let at DIY attitude cost you a whole paycheck (or more)! If your home floods, call a water damage restoration expert as soon as possible to minimize damages and repair costs.

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