How Humidifiers Treat Cold Symptoms

On ABC News, Dr. Melissa McNeil recently explained how humidifiers can help treat cold symptoms in children.

humidifiersA viewer asked, “Many parents use humidifiers in their young children’s rooms when they have a cold. Do they really do any good?”

“They do make a difference,” said Dr. McNeil. “The difference is not so much in whether your child will get better faster, but it helps your child feel more comfortable.

“If you humidify the room, they can breathe easier, their mouth doesn’t get dry, their throat doesn’t get sore, they’ll sleep better, you’ll sleep better, and it’s a good win all around.”

During the winter months, humidifiers also help to keep your skin, hair, and nasal mucosa from getting too dry. Dry air also makes it easier to spread cold and flu viruses.

Humidifiers can even lower heating bills! Humidifiers add moisture to the air, and this moisture holds onto heat better, making the air feel warmer even at lower temperatures.

See Understanding Relative Humidity to learn more.

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